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5 Things To Do Today Before Your Dog Gets Lost

La Jolla Vet in La Jolla, CA, Tips to Prevent Lost Dog

By Dr. Lidja Gillmeister, La Jolla Veterinary Clinic Losing your dog is one of the most difficult things to cope with as a pet owner. The truth is that even the most proactive owner can lose their dog from just one simple mishap. Your dog could dig a hole underneath a fence or it could [...]

DOGS: Debunking Common Myths

Dog vet clinic in La Jolla

By Dr. Lidja Gillmeister, La Jolla Veterinary Clinic We love our dogs. We love our dogs so much that we spend nearly $55 billion dollars a year on their health and happiness according to the latest statistics.  But when it comes to making the right financial decisions for your dog — and saving money in [...]

CATS: Understanding Heart Disease

Cat veterinarian in La Jolla

By Dr. Lidja Gillmeister How healthy is your cat’s heart? Because most felines exhibit very little outward expression when it comes to their health, it may be tricky to know. The truth is that heart disease is common in cats, and a leading cause of death for both indoor and outdoor cats before cancers and [...]

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance & Saving Money on Pet Care

Veterinary clinic that accepts insurance

By Lidja Gillmeister, La Jolla Veterinary Hospital Everyone wants to save money, and pet care is generally no exception. Although we spend money every year keeping our pets healthy, most people don’t think about health care-related costs like surgery, medication or emergency care. Fortunately, many of us have healthy pets that live long and healthy [...]

The Dog Days: When Summer Hits, Be Pet-Prepared

photo (4)

By Dr. Lidja Gillmeister, DVM, La Jolla Veterinary Clinic There’s no doubt that pet care is a year-round job, but when it comes to the summer months, taking care of our furry friends becomes more important than ever. With rising temperatures, vacations and an increase in environmental hazards, taking care of our pets is essential [...]

Have questions about dog health? Get answers with these top tips for Fido

questions about dog health

Get answers to your questions about dog health by paying a visit to your local veterinarian.

Pet health advice for 2013: top tips from your La Jolla veterinarian

Pet health advice

Take expert pet health advice to keep your furry friends thriving this year.

Cold laser therapy for dogs: new treatment provides non-invasive pain relief

Cold laser therapy for dogs

Cold laser therapy for dogs is a new, non-invasive treatment option to alleviate pain and enhance healing.

Pet diabetes: raising awareness for swift treatment and improved veterinary care

Pet diabets

November is Pet Diabetes Month, and a good time for pet owners to familiarize themselves with signs and treatment options for optimal animal diabetes care.

Pet microchipping: learn the facts and protect your pet with the latest identification technology

Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping is the best way to boost the odds of a reunion between owners and lost pets.

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