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Determining your best breasts size is key to successful breast augmentation plastic surgery

Best breast size

Determining one’s best breast size is crucial to successful breast augmentation plastic surgery.

When it comes to anti aging plastic surgery, it’s all about balance

Anti-aging plastic surgery

When it comes to anti-aging plastic surgery, subtle changes that blend in with one’s natural appearance can be the best way to turn back the clock.

Plastic surgery tourism: is it worth the savings?

Plastic surgery tourism

Plastic surgery tourism is on the rise — but patients should research the pros and cons before chasing savings abroad.

Plastic surgery alternatives: innovative anti-aging solutions for any budget

Plastic surgery alternatives

At-home plastic surgery alternatives can be a good option for those who want an affordable, short-term skin solution.

Taking shape: eyebrow trends for 2012 favor low arches, more “masculine” look for ladies’ faces

John G. Apostolides | Eyebrow Trends | SK Clinic

Eyebrow trends for 2012 are shaping up to be an even greater departure from the high-arched look of the past, according to a recent style news report from the Huffington Post. Unlike the thin, heavily tweezed arches of former decades, today’s brows are moving increasingly in favor of a no-arch look. A study in the Clinical Plastic Surgery journal suggests that, before long, arched brows may be a thing of the past – and that this trend may in turn have an impact on patient interest in endoscopic brow lift and aesthetic forehead plastic surgery.

Avoid plastic surgery mishaps: learn how to choose a plastic surgeon

SK Clinic | How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

In 2010, reality TV star Heidi Montag made headlines when she elected to undergo 10 plastic surgeries in one day. According to US Magazine, Montag now says the process was “a lot more than I could have expected,” and that she is “thankful” to have avoided any serious mishaps. While cases like Montag’s are an extreme example of taking plastic surgery too far, they can still serve as a cautionary tale for prospective patients. By learning how to choose a plastic surgeon – not just for their expertise but also for their integrity and dedication to patient welfare – individuals interested in cosmetic enhancements can help prevent any regret or disappointment with their decision and ensure safe, realistic and balanced results.

Breast reduction plastic surgery: a procedural overview for prospective patients

SK Clinic | Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

Breast reduction plastic surgery is an effective and highly beneficial solution for women with oversized breasts. While many people think of breast surgery purely in the context of breast enhancement, there are plenty of patients who suffer from physical, emotional and psychological problems due to breasts that are too large, heavy or disproportionate to the rest of the body. When performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, breast reduction surgery is a safe way to adjust the size and shape of the breasts to suit each patient’s individual vision.

Redefine your face and strengthen your profile with chin augmentation plastic surgery

SK Clinic | John G. Apostolides

What is chin augmentation plastic surgery? According to a recent piece for Fox News, chin implants are swiftly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available. Designed to strengthen a weak or underdeveloped chin and add greater definition to one’s profile, chin augmentation surgery involves the insertion of an anatomic implant to adjust the chin’s placement and proportion. Male and female patients who are concerned about a sagging neck, overly emphasized nose or a poorly defined jaw may be good candidates for chin surgery. And because the procedure is performed using a small, subtle incision, there are fewer complication risks and downtime requirements for plastic surgery patients.

Solutions for c-section scar tissue: how plastic surgery can fix bad scarring post-childbirth

SK Clinic | John G. Apostolides

Many women have experienced c-section delivery, usually as a result of difficulties that can arise during childbirth. These days, c-sections are fairly common procedures; however, the necessity for an incision comes with scarring that, for some individuals, may be thick, firm, unsightly and even uncomfortable. In these cases, a board certified plastic surgeon can revise c-section scar tissue, either in a single procedure or as a component of another cosmetic alteration like a tummy tuck or full Mommy Makeover.

Plastic surgery for men on the rise as social acceptance and workplace pressures increase

SK Clinic | John G. Apostolides

For years, plastic surgery was seen as a women’s market; but these days, plastic surgery for men is enjoying a slow but steady rise. As social acceptance for cosmetic procedures builds, thanks in part to greater media coverage in the form of reality TV programs, female patients have grown more open about sharing their procedures with friends and family. In turn, men have begun to follow suit; and now, the tough economy and competitive job market have made male and female applicants alike increasingly aware of the role appearance plays in hirability.

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