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Precious Papaya: Beat the rivals to a pulp

Catharine L. Kaufman

The powerhouse papaya is moving up in the tropical fruit ranks, giving mango, passion fruit and guava some stiff competition. The behemoth beauties, nicknamed “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus, are starting to dominate the produce aisles and landing on top chefs’ culinary radar.

Press for success with the local Panini Queen

Catharine L. Kaufman

After graduating with an M.B.A. from Stanford, Northern California-born Kathy Strahs has gone on to earn her culinary stripes in the art of Panini-making. In her new book, “The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook,” (Harvard Common Press), Strahs will help you navigate your way through panini paradise to get the best and most out of this kitschy concept.

Culinary stuff I learned on my summer vacation

Catharine L. Kaufman

Here are some interesting tidbits I collected this summer, although you can use them for all seasons to become an informed foodie, staying safe and healthy.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches: Persona non grata in school yards?

Catharine L. Kaufman

Chances are a majority of back-to-school lunch boxes will contain a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, especially since (statistically speaking) the average American child will consume more than 2,500 of these iconic duos before they graduate high school.

Hail Kale! Turn over a new leaf this summer

Catharine L. Kaufman

The mighty green warrior with Herculean healing powers has shoved leafy cousins to the produce sidelines. Kale rocks and has been popping up in everything from chilled soups and salads to crispy chips and pizza toppings. Here’s why. . .

National Banana Split Day has lots of appeal

Catharine L. Kaufman

One would think that national holidays are reserved for commemorating momentous events. However, in our foodie culture even s’mores and banana splits are feted with a national holiday — they share the limelight on Aug. 10.If we are to go ape over the banana split, let’s at least do it in style. I propose creating an adult version with an assortment of liqueurs. For the kids, a combination of their favorite toppings works.

Deepak Chopra partners with UCSD center for whole-person healing in La Jolla

Catharine L. Kaufman

When mind-body medicine man and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, M.D., aligns with the venerable power team at UCSD’s Center for Integrative Medicine, you get a holistic prescription for healing from the inside out.

Time to bring home the bacon

Catharine L. Kaufman

It’s Chanel No. 5 to the culinary world, fried bacon perfumes a room like no other food. Traditional and trendy at the same time, bacon continues to pop up in foods you’d never imagine having even a nodding acquaintance with it! Think Ben and Jerry’s Bacon Bacon ice cream, baconnaise and cupcakes. These days, even if you’re vegan, cholesterol-conscious or kosher, you can still enjoy the essence of beloved bacon in the guise of alternatives.

Summer’s gorgeous gourd is as cool as a cucumber

Catharine L. Kaufman

Although these seedy squashes thrive year round, the refreshing cucumber is the quintessential symbol of summer. It cools the palate with a thirst-quenching burst of fresh flavors reminiscent of melon and grassy herbs. This multi-tasking gourd works just as well in chilled soups and salads as in smoothies and sorbets. Here’s a primer to get the best out of this divine fruit of the vine.

Watermelon time! Get ‘em while they’re ripe and juicy!

Catharine L. Kaufman

It’s hard to believe that such a succulent food is actually a vegetable, not a fruit. Watermelon is a vine-growing gourd, a close sibling to the cucumber and pumpkin, and belongs to the botanical family Curcurbitaceae. Even though these melons contain 92 percent water, they are packed with a mother load of nutrients including immune-boosting Vitamins C and A, stress-busting B1 and B6, potassium, magnesium, copper and fiber, and the richest source of lycopene, (red-fleshed) even surpassing the mighty tomato as prostate’s best buddy.

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