Opinion: Domino effect in the making if Mount Soledad cross comes down in La Jolla

Illustration by Jack Chapman


My viewpoint is that if you take down the cross you are taking down all other religions, too, hence the bumper sticker on the crane “In Atheism We Trust.” There is also irony in that phrase due to the fact that our nation’s dollar bill has a very similar saying, “In God We Trust.”

I do not see how the dollar bill is allowed to support a religion, and yet, a harmless cross atop a beautiful lookout point is about to be taken down.

I would appreciate it if you published this editorial cartoon to shed light on a very controversial issue in San Diego in the La Jolla Light.
Jack Chapman, La Jolla

• Whole community feels pain of a teen suicide

The recent story on the local robbery/suicide case makes my  heart go out to all the families who have suffered tragic losses due to substance abuse and suicide. No words can describe the emotions and grieving that come with burying teens or young adults.

The October SUV accident that involved several La Jolla teens (and also involved underage consumption) could have also had a tragic ending. And sadly, these incidences happen in every community.

The difference is, since residing in La Jolla eight years ago, I have been touched and impressed by the genuine concern for the state of the community and the pro-activeness that accompanies each movement toward keeping La Jolla a special place to call home. It is my hope that this hands-on energy will also move toward helping our adolescents with the pressures and emotions that affect them during this intense phase of growth.

We have so many nonprofit organizations, school counseling outlets, therapists and other resources abundant to us within the city limits. (Natural High being an ever-growing resource founded in our own backyard naturalhigh.org)

I also recommend the STAR/PAL program (www.starpal.org/index.cfm) that serves at-risk teens with athletic programs and promotes positive life choices while doing so. If you know of other outlets, please write to the La Jolla Light and share them.

I hope the La Jolla community continues to raise awareness and rallies to embrace these resources as universal tools to help our young people grow. We are a beautiful representation of a community with heart and for that I am grateful.
Alex Zemeckis, La Jolla

• Re: Business Roundup, ‘The Commercial Pulse’
I just don’t see the same challenges that Rich Wise sees regarding tenants and La Jolla’s historic buildings and facades, and a “stuck community.” In the 35-plus years I have lived and worked in La Jolla, the commercial street scenes of Girard, Prospect and Wall, to name just a few, have reinvented their facades and shops numerous times.

Look at Puesto restaurant on Wall Street (there were at least three stores there at one point, a mortgage company, card shop, etc. including one of the very first Polo stores in San Diego) it has just “redone” its building; look at Bang & Olufsen on Girard Street (wasn’t that the old Cove Theater?) that facade has been redone; and Prospect Street? Just a quick walk up and down shows how it has changed. Even Eddie V’s redid the facade at the Green Dragon Colony. The new “Plaza” at Girard and Wall (the old Jack’s), has been redone at least twice. It was a Marston’s, when I moved here.
I don’t think La Jolla’s character is the roadblock as much as the repetitiveness of the tourist- vs resident-oriented shops that often make those businesses unable to sustain themselves. A great location, a desirable product and good customer relations can be a foundation for commercial success.
Charles Kaminski, La Jolla

• Make Charlotte Street accessible now to assure future openess

I am writing in reference to the recent article about establishing a park on city-owned land between Torrey Pines Road and the ocean, known as Charlotte Street. I applaud Melinda Merryweather on her advocacy for public access to the ocean wherever possible, and feel that Charlotte Street may be an ideal location to provide such access. I live nearby, and am attaching a marked up picture from Californiacoastline.org showing the approximate boundary of Charlotte Street relative to neighboring private land. (The house on the right, which belonged to the late Harel Montgomery, is the one for sale).

Any development of a park or trail in this area should be done long term with the concerns of neighbors kept in mind; for instance, the resident of a cottage that encroaches onto the city-owned paper street. As can be seen in the picture, it is quite a drop from Torrey Pines Road down to the floor of the canyon, and therefore safety will also be a big concern. Cars have gone over the edge in the past.

By starting the process of designating the area as “open space” now, as Ms. Merryweather recommends, there will be a chance of opening up this beautiful area to the public for possible eventual beach access when the neighboring houses are sold.
Eric Korevaar, La Jolla

• Las Patronas clarifies role in Dancing with La Jolla Stars

I just read the article in Dec. 26, 2013’s La Jolla Light titled “La Jolla Town Council elects trustees, divvies up dancing fundraiser profit,” and I’m concerned with the mention of Las Patronas and its involvement with the La Jolla Dancing With The Stars event. The article noted that the event “raised $6,000 for its four chosen beneficiaries (after Las Patronas was paid for its organizational assistance).” I am concerned that the phrasing suggests payment for services, which is incorrect.

Las Patronas was not involved in any way in the organization of the event.  We agreed to participate because the event organizer pledged five percent of the event’s net proceeds to Las Patronas. What we agreed to do was to find one of our members who would be willing to train for and dance in the competition, and to promote attendance within our membership via e-mail. There were three or four tables of 10 there to support our dancer, at considerable cost to the individuals attending, who each bought a ticket.

We were happy to participate, not only because the event would benefit Las Patronas, but also because proceeds would go to the La Jolla Town Council and its projects, such as the La Jolla Christmas Parade, as well as the La Jolla Community Center. To date, Las Patronas has received neither a check nor an indication of what amount we might receive, but hope that will be forthcoming from the event organizers.

I recognize it may not have been your wording, but rather how it was presented to the La Jolla Town Council, but nevertheless, I would like to correct any misunderstanding, because Las Patronas is an all-volunteer organization with a long history of giving in our community.
Jena Joyce, Las Patronas

• Idea for an ecumenical memorial symbol

Although I understand the cross on Mt. Soledad is not inclusive of all those who have served our country, I like the fact that it forms a significant landmark, standing high above La Jolla. Would the solution to this endless debate be to replace the cross with an equally tall, well-designed six-sided column?

On one of its faceted sides would be embedded a large and beautiful cross – perhaps in gold; on another side would be an equally beautiful Star of David; other sides could be available to other religions or groups, such as atheist/humanists. It would then become an ecumenical symbol, more fitting to present times.
Penelope West, La Jolla

• On symbols and folly

Solution to the cross controversy? Knock the arms off the cross and make it a new symbol, the worship of which predates Christianity and all other forms of organized religion. This form of worship is still widely practiced by a large percentage of Americans as evidenced by the never-ending commercials for drugs meant to enhance its prominence in our society.
Mark Anderson, La Jolla

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2 Comments for “Opinion: Domino effect in the making if Mount Soledad cross comes down in La Jolla”

  1. Peter

    Actually, taking down the Mt. Soledad cross will have the complete opposite effect as that feared by the dominos author. By taking down the cross, the government actual makes room and provides opportunity for other religions to have some breathing space on public lands. Also, the “God” that is on printed money was not necessarily meant to refer to the god of the Christians and Jews (as the author alludes), but to the idea that our fate lies in the hands of provenance.

  2. Larry Linn

    Mr. Chapman, the Cross is on Federal land. The Plaintiffs were the Jewish Veterans of the United States of America. Why should a Christian symbol be imposed upon veterans who are not Christians?

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