We should not let seals overrun Children’s Pool

As a 50-plus year resident of La Jolla, I think what best exemplifies Ellen Browning Scripps’ reason for building the sea wall is shown in a picture within the Dec. 12 “Bottom Scratchers” article published in your paper.

On page B16 there is a great shot showing two members of this club coming to shore with some white sea bass they had speared. In the background are children climbing on the sea wall, children climbing and jumping off the rocks protected by the seal wall, and children with their parents swimming in this area.

This is what I remember as a child, and this is what Ms. Scripps had in mind when she built this wall. It was not to have this beach overrun with seals, and sea lions! It was to develop a safe location for humans to enjoy.

As stated in other letters to the editor, there are hundreds of miles of California coastline, and many offshore islands for these mammals to live and breed on. We do not need to let them slowly overrun, and destroy this jewel of an area.

Mark Albers, La Jolla


The absurd posturing of a few sanctimonious Despoilers to promote the destruction of our beloved and previously pristine beaches at the Cove and Casa by these marine Yahoos1 has turned La Jolla into a “wasted city” from the Jewel of the west coast that it once was.

PEOPLE ARE ALSO PART OF NATURE! And we occupied the Cove and Casa long before the marine Yahoos invaded.

How about the Garabaldi, a protected species, whose golden highlights I treasured while snorkeling in my youth along the coast? The invasion by the voracious seals, sea lions and cormorants is leading to the gradual decimation of these jewels in “our” part of the ocean.

There are thousands of miles of unoccupied beaches and cliff locations up and down the west coast and offshore islands where seals, sea-lions, cormorants, and other befouling denizens can sequester themselves without destroying the life of humans.

The letter by a reader  inthe Dec. 5 issue  is typical of the twisted posturing of a few human Yahoos who do not use the beaches…. not for all of her family’s 51 years per her own admission. To claim that “statements” by another writer are “negatively affecting the La Jolla environment” is one of the most ill-guided comments on the topic that I’ve heard yet. The marine Yahoos are the ones destroying the La Jolla environment, and will continue section by section unless action is taken to eliminate the menace.

To further claim that Ms. Scripps “would have endorsed their presence” is absurd. She had the sea wall built specifically to create an area clear of ocean waves AND its denizens in order for children to have a safe place to enjoy. She wanted this little haven for CHILDREN and NOT as a breeding ground for marine Yahoos.

These are OUR beaches! I have enjoyed The Cove and The Casa since I came from war-torn Europe in 1945. These were the two safest and most delightful beaches on the whole west coast of the Americas for peole, and particularly for children. Denying the current generation and all future generations of children the joy and pleasure that we shared on these beaches is deplorable.

Many of The Despoilers are not even residents of La Jolla and should have no say in how our city and its resources are maintained. They are INVADERS of the rights of citizens of La Jolla.

When termites move into The Despoilers’ domiciles, let us prohibit any form of extermination of the creatures. Demand that The Despoilers vacate their homes and allow the poor creatures to fester and thrive.

Let’s take a poll of La Jolla residents as to what we want for The Cove and Casa. I’m convinced that the Houyhnhnms2 will prevail.

Erik Holtsmark, La Jolla

[1] QV: Fourth trip in Gulliver’s Travels by Johnathan Swift (1726)

[2]  Ibid. Pronounced ”Hoo-in-ums”

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4 Comments for “We should not let seals overrun Children’s Pool”

  1. David Pierce

    What an insult to Ellen Browning Scripps AND to the Dec. 5th Yahoo’s intelligence who claims to be a Spiritual Communicator or Medium who Speak With the Dead.

  2. Califia

    The obvious, common sense solutions seem to be lost on our elected officials. It was built for and called Children’s Pool for a reason.

    Thank you Mark and Erik for speaking out about the truth.

  3. DICK hertz

    This beach should be used by humans and their children!
    The seals do Not need to be protected! These seals cannot vote either.
    They have free access to other beaches & areas,.do not protect them, let us have our beach back!

  4. Sea Lions are at La Jolla. Seals mostly at S. Casa, Seal Rock, Shell Beach and the Children’s Pool. The entire coastline is very over populated with these lovely creatures. Hundreds compared to a few dozen prior to the release of so many by Sea World beginning in 1992. Big $
    Now compare to the East Coast, Cape Cod. Their seal populations have grown to the thousands, and their fish stocks will never recover. The fecal contamination is so bad that it has killed off other species. Theirs are moving inland and taking over fresh water areas and country ponds and devouring all those fish too. Our sea lions are going up the Sacramento River and eating the precious Salmon.
    Sharks have been killed to the tune of 80-100 million a year for a very long time, over a decade in the World’s oceans. What do Sharks eat? It is the age-old law of Supply and Demand. Our World is 3/4 Oceans and other water shed areas. The predator has been killed off for shark fin soup; the population of pinnipeds has exploded pretty much all over the Earth. We are all connected.
    Great Whites are now on the endangered species list, and are tough and hopefully our equally precious Sharks will make a comeback and come eat some seals and sea lions to reduce their populations so they will stop starving. There are two human swimming areas that need to be safe from this bait, Children’s Pool as per design and function, and La Jolla Cove. The Distance between them is a perfect swim as well.
    Right now I’d say the Garibaldi is about 1/5 of what it was 1.5 years ago. This is from my direct observations on a yearly basis and frequent dives. The mussel population at S.Casa and C.P. are gone. I used to be able to find many live ones, now even the old shells are disintegrating and soon you will never be able to tell that mussels ever lived there. Extinct from that area. As are the tide pool creatures that were once in abundance there, urchins, sea hares, sea cucumbers, sea stars, anemomies, oysters, and more. What effect does constant seal toilet water have on the environment there where the breakwater cannot wash the sand clean? There is a rope on a playground, where children are literally forced to play in the white dried seal poop mixed in the sand. This rope and this sand is dangerous on a children’s Playground which is what it legally is. As I teacher I am to report dangers of this kind and this serves as my report.
    Houston we have a problem here!!!! We have a SERIOUS imbalance of the underwater ecosystem all along the La Jolla Coastline. Will our MPA ever have the chance to even be abundant? With the over population of seal lions and seals ever increasing, and devouring everything in site? 197 species are on their menus. We have to control their numbers, by some method; birth control was one solution per Marine Biologist Michael Costello. Who is protecting the Garibaldi from this imbalance? Last year the s.lions were starving to death and rotting on the rocks in La Jolla!!!
    Compare to the Cabo Pulmo reef that has recovered 465%, since becoming an MPA 19 years ago. They too have precious seals and slions , but in BALANCE. Research that reef and think about what I am trying to convey. Its all about balance folks, and we must restore it now or loose more species and fail at being a great MPA. Hello out there to all the Marine Agencies???!!!!! We need some population controls and the adherence to the La Jolla Coastal Plan, not to change it, to enforce it.
    Children’s Pool IS the only safe access for the disabled on the San Diego Coastline. That IS a fact. That IS why the POOL was built, for those who are too weak and can not swim in the surf. Toddlers, The Elderly & The Disabled including our many U.S. War Veterans. Open the sluiceways restore this Pool. For less than the cost of ONE bomb that pool can be restored and serve those for whom the bombs have blown apart. Much better for San Diego as a whole and better for merchants and business as well. San Diego is a Military Town and we have many wounded warriors for whom this pool would be excellent therapy in all ways, physically, mentally and Spiritually, the safety behind the breakwater is wonderful for healing.
    Follow the La Jolla Coastal Plan , it is a ‘dedicated Vertical Access’ legally on the plan. The ramp @ the C.P. was open to wheelchairs for decades, paved and the primary access. We who are disabled want it back, and the pool restored, the sluiceways opened and the Disabled, and the kids and our Elders Respected. The seals will be in healthier water as well. Starfish can be planted on the inside of the submerged wall and on Piano Rock and C.P. Declared a No take zone for them and maybe some abalone. Then maybe we can repopulate these species, and Scripps Institute and Birch Aquarium could be in charge of this population. But people still allowed to snorkel of course with respect. This would be a way for disabled people to be able to actually SEE a real sea star in the real Pacific Ocean. This is what Ellen Browning Scripps would want. The reconnection of Scripps, Birch and Children’s Pool, not as a seal toilet unbalancing and devastating the ecology like is the exact case now. But a place where Challenged Athletes can roll into a safe ocean pool and not have to be carried. A place where our Wounded Warriors can sooth and be out in the sun and not so depressed that they take their own lives. Suicide is rampant with our Vets now.
    Thank you for your time to read this if you made it through it all. We need to look under the sea and see. FYI Seals & S.Lions are as endangered as the common pigeon per the scientific scale. We must restore balance and use C.P. for it’s intended purpose and get it sparkling clean for all mammals.
    Cheri Aspen
    R.A.M.P. Committee to Restore Access to Many People
    Supporting a Balanced Ocean Environment.

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