Dogs must be leashed in public for the protection of all

I just read the two Letters to the Editor in the Oct. 17 issue regarding unleashed dogs at Calumet Park, calling it a non-issue. While the writers have their right to an opinion, the law is that dogs must be leashed in public places. Pet owners who unleash their dogs in public are welcome to practice civil disobedience, but they risk being ticketed and I fully support that.

'I will likely have a scar on my thigh from this dog bite,' Laurel Nation

Just so you know, people are getting hurt. In June, I was bitten by an unleashed dog while walking on Forward Street. I had to go to the emergency room, get a tetanus shot, and take antibiotics. I will likely have a scar on my thigh from the bite.

Dogs are unpredictable, which is why they need to be leashed. Just because the two writers have not witnessed a dog biting someone does not mean it doesn’t happen. I have seen dogs getting into fights at Calumet Park and owners intervening, which puts them at risk of being bit.
Leash laws are designed to protect the public. They also protect the dog from harming or interfering with other animals, or property, and can also prevent them from becoming lost or from being injured by vehicles.

Unless you’ve been bitten by a dog, you think it will never happen to you. If you don’t like this public safety law, try to drum up enough support and do what you can to get the law changed. Until then, leash your dogs and don’t put someone at risk because you are so naive to think your dog would never bite anyone. IT HAPPENS!!!
Laurel Nation
Bird Rock

Why not have firefighters power wash the Cove cliffs to get rid of the stench?

When I moved to La Jolla in 2005, you could walk by the Cove and Prospect Street and enjoy the fresh air and cool breezes. Recently, the air smells like a toilet because those like me, who believe in protecting wildlife, have forgotten that we humans are also inhabitants of this planet.

There is a simple and green solution to this. There are three fire department stations in La Jolla. Each one should rotate once a week to power wash the areas where the odor is created. The firefighters could use biodegradable dishwashing detergent, which was very effective in the Gulf, killed nothing, and worked to disperse oil spills. It certainly can disperse animal droppings without any effect on the environment, or animals. This allows humans to live in harmony with animals.

In short, this odor is getting worse, is devaluing our homes and businesses, and impairing the enjoyment of nature that this jewel known as La Jolla provides.

Arthur Alan Wolk

La Jolla

Cove stench is not gone and folks are fed up with it

The foul stench is STILL in La Jolla Village. On Sunday Oct. 20 at 6:30 p.m. (while having dinner) the stench was overwhelming — worse than ever. The stench has become all too familiar to La Jolla residents and visitors. The stench is getting worse not better. We need to remove the sources of the problem. People, too, are important.

B. Grace

48-year resident of La Jolla

Changing parade name is not a good idea

I was again distressed to see groups trying to change the La Jolla Christmas Parade to La Jolla Holliday Parade. As a native La Jollan of 67 years, I take offense to those mostly newcomers who want to change our traditions and values.

As Christians, we do not discriminate; we welcome others and do not protest their beliefs. Our churches gather donations that send teams to many countries to help those in need. God does not discriminate.

Therefore, it is my belief that keeping the name, LA JOLLA CHRISTMAS PARADE, is exactly that, the Celebration of the BIRTH OF CHRIST. If this is offensive to others who protest this, then what is next? Will they protest to take away our celebration of Christmas in our homes and stop stores from selling Christmas items? How is it that they celebrate Christmas and don’t believe in Christ?

As or me, I will continue as my parents taught me, and not discriminate against those who are here to be respectful, law abiding, and love the USA. Those who want to tear down our values and our society will not be accepted by me.

My family has a lot invested in La Jolla, and we will continue to work to try and get La Jolla back to where it used to be. By this I mean simply where people have pride again. Pride and respect means that you don’t trash our streets or think it is OK to speed through town at nearly double the speed limit, and tolerate abuse from other members of the public. Traditions are sacred and when we all travel to other countries we hope to see their traditions, rather than a McDonald’s on very corner. Tolerance does not mean changing tradition and allowing the breakdown of what we believe in.

Bill Allen

La Jolla

Who’s offended most?

I’m offended that people are offended by the name La Jolla “Christmas” Parade. So, they must stop being offended by the La Jolla “Christmas” Parade name because I am offended. And, if they are offended because I’m offended, then too bad  — minority rules.

Pete Ward

La Jolla

Even “Holiday” parade name not secular enough

I really wish the poll were conducted to ask what people thought the parade’s name should be. Maybe even a contest. Personally, I like Winter Solstice woven in there somehow.

If the person polled still wanted the current name, so be it. But whoever settled on “Holiday” surely, in my opinion, accepted a name that has the sizzle of a dead fish! As an atheist I am not fond of “Holiday”  — “Holy Day,” still too much religion for me! Let’s make it secular.

Teddy Rodosovich

La Jolla

Don’t exaggerate carbon emissions from leaf blowers

This note is in reference to the Oct. 17 letter about leaf blowers.

I do not mind leaf blowers. If someone’s gardener blows trash into an adjoining property and does not clean up the mess, then he should be dealt with. But do not penalize all gardeners for a petty annoyance. Gardeners are a hard-working lot who really can’t absorb additional costs.

I have lived in the same house in the Barber Track for 37 years and have worked at home for the last 12. The Barber Tract is a naturally noisy area, especially in the summer.  We have tourists and locals who use Marine Street Beach; joggers; marathons of various lengths (running and bicycling) who use this area for transit; and partying at the beach on warm nights. The central problem in this area is not noise but rather petty vandalism, underage drinking, and car thefts (I have lost three).

All of my neighbors have gardeners and, yes, they all use gasoline-powered equipment and it is a bit noisy. But it does not last forever, nor does the other noise, which can go on to the wee hours of the morning.

Stating that a two-stroke leaf blower releases as much carbon emissions as a new Ford F150 pickup traveling from Texas to Alaska is over the top. According to Ford, a new F150 pickup gets around 20 miles to the gallon. This being the case, the referenced trip of 3,900 miles would consume 195 gallons of gas. This is roughly the equivalent of 700 liters of fuel. US EPA Tier 2 Exhaust Emission Standards for medium duty pickup trucks is 0.022 grams/milliliter, or 22 grams per liter of gas. This would, then, suggest that such a vehicle would emit some 15.4 kilograms of hydrocarbons; this is equivalent to 34 pounds.

A small leaf blower, on the other hand, uses less than a quart (1.7 pounds) in the half hour referenced in the subject letter. If all of the leaf blower gasoline were evaporated into the air the release would be, at most, 5 percent of that released by the Ford. The analogy used is misleading and demonstrably wrong.

David W. Valentine

La Jolla

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