A Sign of Good Health With Dental Whitening in La Jolla

By Dr. Alicia Kennedy, DDS

La Jolla Dental Whitening Dentist discuss the benefits of a white smile.

La Jolla Dental Whitening Dentist discuss the benefits of a white smile.

We all know that brushing our teeth is important for maintaining oral health. At-home dental care is essential for warding off gum disease, oral infection, cavities and bad breath. And, of course, there are ancillary benefits as well such as whiter teeth and a more attractive smile. But a new study published at the Daily Mail says that white teeth are more than what meets the eye. In fact, white teeth are human equivalent of a peacock’s tail – a beautiful statement about our health and genetic quality.

Researchers at Leeds and Central Lancashire University studied the way humans react to the color of teeth and their spacing. By using photos of models and digitally changing aspects of their teeth, researchers found that, unsurprisingly, people by far preferred white, beautiful teeth.

But in a twist, researchers found that women in particular who had the whitest teeth were considered the most youthful and fertile.

“When males are looking at females and when females are looking at females, there is quite a strong effect,” said Leeds University psychologist Colin Hendrie. “Males are thinking about attraction and females are in competition with each other.” Hendrie continued to explain that dental whiteness also guided respondents to judge how far along a woman was from menopause.

The study also concluded that teeth gave respondents insight into diet, illnesses and genetic disorders Teeth can also contain clues to childhood illnesses, diet and some genetic disorders, he added.

It goes without saying that white teeth give way to a more beautiful and youthful smile. To schedule your dental whitening in La Jolla today, call us today at 858-454-6148 or visit us at http://aliciakennedydds.com/


If you’re like many Americans, a white smile is important. But did you know that in addition to dental whitening in La Jolla, these 3 essential tips can keep teeth whiter for longer? Find out how you can maintain your white teeth long after the professional treatment.

1. RINSE AFTER EATING OR DRINKING. A quick rinse with water after eating or drinking can reduce the chance for stains to set in. It’s particularly important to rinse after drinking beverages like red wine, coffee and any dark or bright liquid like punch or cranberry juice. Maintaining your white teeth can be even more effective if you can brush after every meal.

2. USE A STRAW. Many stains can be easily prevented just by using a straw. When the liquid doesn’t have a chance to hit the teeth, there’s very little risk in staining your teeth.

3. CHEW SUGAR-FREE GUM. Chewing gum naturally stimulates the production of saliva in our mouths. Saliva is a natural cleanser and ensures that our mouths stay healthy. It can also help absorb surface stains left behind after a meal.

4. WHITENING MOUTHWASH. There are many rinses available that can help maintain your white smile after visiting us for a professional whitening treatment. Simply use after brushing to ward off any stains that can set in over time.

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