Residents must ban together to effect changes in La Jolla

Traffic backed up on Torrey Pines Road. File

For months neighbors along Torrey Pines Road (from La Jolla Village to La Jolla Parkway and La Jolla Scenic Drive) have been subjected to noise and horrendous speeds of up to six motorcycles racing every Thursday at 10 p.m., for 5 or 10 minutes. Finally, working with Officer Tom Underwood of San Diego Police Department’s Northern Division, we got police to set up a speed trap on Thursday night and, according to Underwood, it was successful and citations were issued.

We are hopeful that this will put an end to this annoyance and also prevent someone from getting killed in our area. The message here is that, as a community, we can work together and make a difference.

With this in mind, we also hope to be able to help put an end to littering in La Jolla, slowing down the traffic in La Jolla that ignores speed-limit signs, improve the crosswalks (like in Del Mar), and establish an emergency plan for La Jolla. No small task, but by bringing those of us together who share the same concerns, nothing is impossible.

Willis M. (Bill) Allen

La Jolla

Kudos to country club’s

quick response to danger

I wanted to thank and commend Dennis Fowler, the landscaping supervisor of La Jolla Country Club. A few days ago, I brought to his attention that there is a dangerous bend on Country Club Drive and the pavement on that corner was covered with overgrown shrubs and dirt from the Country Club golf course.

Mr. Fowler immediately arranged for the cleaning up of that corner and the trees and shrubs were cut back so people walking up or down that corner could step on the sidewalk when cars are passing by.

Shahram Sharafi
La Jolla

Some La Jolla pedestrians

need a dose of consideration

I am often a pedestrian and driver in our beautiful Village of La Jolla.
My pet peeve is the general rudeness and sense of entitlement that some pedestrians have while sharing the streets in our Village — some, not all!
I believe we all understand that common sense and the law dictates that drivers always yield to pedestrians in situations that concern safety, but as a pedestrian, I feel we are sharing the streets of our town with drivers.
When I’m a pedestrian and a car approaches a stop sign before I do, I generally yield to that car because it is their turn. I cannot tell you how many times I see uncaring pedestrians blindly and boldly bolt into crosswalks without stopping or even looking up. They seem to have a powerful sense of lawful entitlement with no fair, polite regard whatsoever for a previously waiting vehicle’s “turn.”
Worse still is the common pedestrian nonstop 90-degree crosswalk-to-crosswalk march, never even looking up, acknowledging or perhaps thanking waiting vehicles with a wave.
Once again, I absolutely understand that as drivers, we need to yield to pedestrians when their safety is at stake. I just feel we should all be polite and take turns.
Greg Carron

La Jolla

Bicyclists need to heed

same laws as motorists

As I understand them, the same San Diego Police Department rules concerning stop signs and stop lights apply to bicycle riders, as well as automobile drivers. At street corners, I am most careful to watch and give the benefit of the doubt to bicyclists, yet it is till a danger to both when most of the cyclists ride through the stop signs, or at times, even the red lights!

Please bike riders, be more observant of the laws and stay safe, as I wish you all to be.

P.S.  When the police begin ticketing these offenses, there will be enough money to fix our crumbling streets and sidewalks!

Cindy Peterson

La Jolla

Hope The Brick & Bell comes to Tucson

I live in Tucson, Arizona. I was in La Jolla in June and met Peter. I think he owns The Brick & Bell Café on Silverado Street. He said they were going to open a new Brick & Bell here. I can’t find the location he mentioned and am wondering if, in fact, the café will be opening here after all? It would be great if they do and working at the local hospital, I can spread the news to a lot of people. The Brick & Bell doesn’t seem to have an e-mail address.

By the way, I love your town and plan to vacation there regularly!

Lee Walsh


Editor’s note: A quick call to the Brick & Bell revealed that, yes, Peter Watry plans two new Brick & Bell’s — one in Tucson at 811 East Wetmore (opening in two weeks) and one in La Jolla Shores at 2216 Avenida de la Playa opening in March, 2014

Troop 506 conquers Mt. Whitney

CAPTION: Bottom row from left: Steve Skinner, Paul Scurio, Mark Jaffe, Johnny Foster, Rayph Cosford, Nick Cosford and Jacques Naviaux. Top row from left: Luke Skinner, Dominic Scurio, Blake Furby, Thomas Evans and Christophe Naviaux. Courtesy

Boy Scout Troop 506 recently completed its High Sierra Trek, backpacking 80 miles from Crescent Meadows in Sequoia National Park to Mt. Whitney Peak (elevation 14, 508 feet). The troop’s hikers took eight days to complete the hike and ascended over three miles in elevation to reach the peak.

The troop hikers also conquered Eagle Scout Peak (elevation 12,037 feet). They trained in June at San Gorgonio Mountain where they backpacked the famous 9 Peaks Trail, summiting at the highest peak in Southern California, San Gorgonio Peak (elevation 11,503 feet) and hiking more than 38 miles.

Troop 506 is sponsored by La Jolla Methodist Church in Bird Rock and is celebrating its 50th year in the Scouting program.

Those interested in joining the troop for high adventure and exciting events, can contact Scoutmaster Jacques Naviaux at

Blake Furby

Troop 506 Scribe

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  1. DICK hertz

    The people who live near PCH, too bad, it’s a public road and you can handle noise for 10 minutes! Get over yourselves! Does the train noise bother you too?…..move…..

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