Fellow La Jollans! Let’s push for a Trader Joe’s in town!

I have talked with many of you about our common desire to have a Trader Joe’s in the Village. I have written to Trader Joe’s, but received no response to my suggestion that they contact the owners of the Heinz Gietz property, which I understand is going out of business.  I do not know its availability, but there is a realtor’s sign on it.

There is parking available there and it appears to me that the building and its service bay area could be remodeled creatively into a Trader Joe’s.

If you agree, please write Trader Joe’s and/or comment in the Light! If Trader Joe’s knows we want them, they perhaps will more seriously consider opening a store in the Village.

Glen McFadden Rasmussen, Esq.

La Jolla

More support for banning leaf-blowers in La Jolla

Ah yes, the leaf-blowers! I hear them as early as 8 in the morning and as late as 7 in the evening  — and it’s not music to my ears. Yes, let’s implement a NO LEAF-BLOWER law.  It’s a disease. My garden maintenance people blow the debris into the corners, underneath the hedges — wherever  — and leave it up to me to take a garden broom to remove it, while the gardeners of my neighbors blow everything underneath the fence to my side, another extra job for me, another nuisance.

When I ask them to please not use this fuel-burning machine, I am told that if they had to sweep with a rake, they would eventually suffer from rotator cuff injury and pain.

I wonder what we all did before this machine from hell was invented? People are oblivious to this noise and so much more! Consideration for others is something of the past. The dust and the sand is everywhere as stated, and I am one for joining the people who wish to stop this.

Isabella Miram

La Jolla

Leaf-blower ban gets my vote!

Rand, Eric, Howard, Neva — my buddies … you are not alone. There is little in this fine town that raises my ire as much as the unnecessarily disturbing leaf-blowing noise, filth and pollution. My guess is that there isn’t more buzz about this because the majority of people aren’t around to see exactly what their yard maintenance crews are up to during their visit. Or perhaps it’s selfish indifference? More likely, follow the money: It takes the crews a lot less time and effort to blow than it used to take them to rake, sweep, and bag. So, there’s money to be made.

I live in a very beautiful and quaint, yet tightly-configured, neighborhood with condos and apartment buildings surrounding my little house and yard on all sides. I get blasted with the leaf blowing in the neighborhood, from ALL SIDES, EVERY DAY. I love leaving my windows open during the day, but the proximity to my neighbors and subsequently all the dust and debris being blown around from ALL SIDES, EVERY DAY leaves me a little edgy and is probably contributing to my ongoing sinus infections.

I work from home so I’m constantly jumping up to close a door or window during conference calls or simply to control the dust, which kind of makes you feel a little captive. I cringe to think what is being blown into my yard and home, what I am breathing.

I am shocked that La Jolla hasn’t banned these by now. Most of my colleagues and friends throughout SoCal and across the country live in blower-free zones. What is wrong, here? C’mon La Jollans — you deserve better!



Pictures are worth a thousand words in push to clean the Village

As a former reporter at a weekly newspaper, I know there is always a need for ways to fill copy space. My idea for the La Jolla Light is to create a weekly feature called, “Fix-it Photo.” Readers would be invited to send in a photo of a problem in La Jolla that should be fixed (ie., potholes, overflowing trash cans, abandoned lots, etc.). Then, the Light would later visit that area to see if the problem was fixed. This feature would encourage community interaction and maybe lead to a better La Jolla.

James Jensen

La Jolla

Editor’s Note:  We just talked about that very concept at a staff meeting, the deterrent was singling out (embarrassing) businesses or residents, but I think we could do it in a way that protects the violator from scorn.  Stay tuned, it will happen!

Mayor Bob Filner will not be missed!

“Knowing when to leave can be the smartest thing that anyone can learn.” However, it’s apparent that Bob Filner didn’t have the good grace to step down as San Diego’s Mayor, after many allegations of sexual harassment. Instead Filner had to be coerced to resign. No doubt, Filner is in denial of his sexual harassment charges, as he claims awkwardness and hubris led to his offensive behavior. Bah humbug! A reality check may define his unorthodox conduct as that of being lecherous. At 70 years old, Filner should have known better and kept his hands, as well as unwelcome sexual advances to himself. Filner’s resignation is a victory for all women. Yes indeed, we have all had our fill of Filner. Good riddance!

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

Dining locally will keep our restaurants open

I recently had the pleasure of having dinner at Voce del Mare in Bird Rock.  Over the last 12 years I have seen at least 3 or 4 restaurants come and go at that address, none have been able to make it.  However this time the restaurant has had a complete, lovely makeover.  It is classy, has a terrific Italian menu and the food is really good. I would really like to see this restaurant make it … .we could use a classic Italian restaurant in that area.

Mary Pat DesRoches

La Jolla

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2 Comments for “Fellow La Jollans! Let’s push for a Trader Joe’s in town!”

  1. Lisa Gilmore

    We want Trader Joes in La Jolla!!!

    We will take a Whole Foods while we are at it!!

    • Bill

      Technically, 92037 already has both a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods. It’s called La Jolla Village. Check it out. And FYI Glen Rasmussen, there’s absolultely no parking around Herschel and Virginia Way. You’re dreaming.

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