Seal Cam temporarily taken down in preparation for demolition of old lifeguard tower at Children’s Pool in La Jolla

A screen grab from the WAN Conservancy website.

By Ashley Mackin

The Seal Cam atop the lifeguard tower at Children’s Pool beach has been temporarily removed in preparation for the tower’s demolition (scheduled to begin Aug. 5), therefore the live streaming has been suspended.

Sara Wan of WAN Conservancy, the non-profit organization that installed and monitors the Seal Cam, said the camera is currently being stored in a remote, undisclosed location until it can be reinstalled.

She added that “any day now,” the camera would be re-installed on the construction trailer adjacent to the tower, so it can still monitor the beach and the seals that might be there.

Though seal pupping season ended on May 15, Wan maintains that the camera needs to be there because there are still seals on the beach, and some people are harassing them. Wan said she watched the Seal Cam’s live streaming earlier this week and counted 117 seals on the beach in the morning hours before 10 a.m. If the seals are not on the beach, she said, it is because people chased them into the water.

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5 Comments for “Seal Cam temporarily taken down in preparation for demolition of old lifeguard tower at Children’s Pool in La Jolla”

  1. Michael Anthony

    Mrs Wan, a professional harasser from Malibu, is once again showing that she knows nothing about the seals or Children’s Pool as she continues to try and scam the citizens of San Diego…. Go peddle your Filner Peep show somewhere else Mrs Wan …

  2. resident

    Sarah Wan you are clearly ignorant of seal behavior. They prefer to keep cool in the water during the summer months by staying in the water. your false claims and speculation of “If the seals are not on the beach, she said, it is because people chased them into the water.” is a pathetic plea to continue your agenda of trying to close off ocean access to the people for NO reason that is actually related to the seals safety or well being. The only “harassment happening on a regular basis are your under cover thugs posing as “seal haters” as you call them… oh, and by the Mayor who foolishly buys your manipulative lies.
    Perhaps someone should find an organization to fund video taping the WAN organizations falsehoods and lies that you regularly spew into the public eye.

  3. Cassandra Ewing

    I hope the camera never goes back up. The Wans claim that there have been many cases of harassment of the seals. If that’s true, show them to us. They claim that seals have been flushed on numerous occassions by harassers. Show us the proof. They say the seals were on the beach until 10:30 in the mornong and then someone flushed them. The truth is, once

  4. Sheila S

    So, who feeds them if they never go into back into the water, Sea World?
    What time is feeding time?
    Do they mate on land?
    If they lay around all day and all night, we would have the laziest couch potato seals in the world!

    Wan’s go find something useful to do in the world then milking the seals in La Jolla.

  5. Seal Focas

    Ms. Wan, are you paying any attention to your cam? If you do so then you will learn something. Isn’t that the purpose of the cam? For example, during summer, if the seals are lined up 1 row deep like cigars at the edge of the ocean water, they will definitely go in the water as the day warms up with the sun shining. Please pay close attention to this. If the seals are scattered all over the beach haphazardly then no, they are likely to stay put much longer and chances are the sun is not out or the ocean is very rough. Why are you so eager to blame people and accuse them of chasing seals? I hope you do not hate children or the disabled. By the way, do you have a permit for that surveillance cam? The pupping season cam permit ended on My 15th, did Mayor Filner give you another special permit? Perhaps the La Jolla Light can investigate and get a copy of this permit as required by the Muni code since it is unlikely that you will cooperate and help inform the public.

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