La Jolla business owner leads effort to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

Michael Pallamary addresses a crowd of about 100 people on July 19 at city hall, stating his reasons for wanting to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Photo by Ashley Mackin

By Ashley Mackin

Land surveyor Michael Pallamary of La Jolla is at the front of the charge to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. A longtime Filner foe, Pallamary said he created a “Recall Bob Filner” Facebook page in May (before the sexual assault allegations were announced against the mayor) and on July 19 held a rally at City Hall to recruit volunteers.

Of the Facebook page, Pallamary said, “I put the page up just to see if there was interest (in recalling Filner) and to solicit comments.” Seeing plenty, he started asking people to post legitimate reasons for the recall, which he said he will incorporate into the legal statement he intends to file. Suggestions, and “likes,” came in gradually before the allegations were announced on July 11. Pallamary said there were approximately 300 likes on the Facebook page before the allegations, and as of July 22, there were more than 5,000 likes.

At the rally, Pallamary spoke about the recall effort along with KFMB radio host Mike Slater.

“This is not about party, it’s about principle,” Slater said. “It’s not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong.”

Though Slater noted that Filner is demanding due process in the sexual harassment allegations against him, he said, “This recall effort is due process.”

Pallamary’s 10-year-old granddaughter, Paige, also spoke at the rally and said she supports her granddad’s efforts. After her comments, Pallamary said, “People ask me why am I doing this, you’ve just seen the reason.”

Though the sexual harassment allegations were not the foundation of his recall efforts, Pallamary told La Jolla Light, “I’m tired of explaining to my 10-year- old granddaughter what sexual harassment is.”

The crux of his campaign are claims specified in the 300-word statement he prepared and will file to show his intention to start the recall. Some of the claims include: Filner used police officers overseas for his personal security team at taxpayer expense; Filner repeatedly ignored city council votes and moved in a direction contrary to its wishes; and Filner punished the city attorney by slashing the attorney’s budget.

A crowd gathers downtown, many in support of the recall, to hear Michael Pallamary.

The rally served as a way to recruit volunteers who, when the recall effort officially begins in the coming weeks, will collect signatures from registered voters across San Diego. Once the volunteers are assembled and all the communities have representation, the formal notice of a recall will be filed.

From there, volunteers will have 31 days to collect 101,000 signatures on a petition. Though it is not yet available, there will also be a digital petition found at

Pallamary said his quandaries with Filner started more than 20 years ago. In 1991, Pallamary led the effort to recall San Diego City Councilmember Linda Bernhardt. At that time, Filner was on the city council, where Pallamary said he observed Filner and four other council members attempt to redistrict San Diego in a way that would “punish his enemies and reward his allies.”

Pallamary said that under Filner, the city council began to fall apart. “Because of Mr. Filner’s misconduct and his harsh, unreasonable personality, the city shut down the same way it’s shutting down now,” he said.

Given his success in recalling Bernhardt, and Filner’s history, Pallamary said he is confident he will succeed in this recall.
“I’ve been here before; I battled Mr. Filner 20 years ago. I prevailed in the court of public opinion (and) I prevailed in a court of law,” he said.

“We’re in the gutter; I don’t want to see San Diego go into the sewer pipes.”

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7 Comments for “La Jolla business owner leads effort to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner”

  1. Cheryl Aspenleiter

    I sure hope that who ever comes in to be the Mayor cares about the disabled people and especially those who would like to go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean here in La Jolla. The Children’s Pool boasts the Grandfather of Disabled Ramps to the real ocean. Wheelchair swimmers can make the transition from the chair into the POOL there easily as opposed to any other beach. For example Jolla shores, is much to dangerous to swim out through the surf, the surge and without legs it would be impossible to crawl out through the shallows. Plus all the obsticals including kayaks and boogie boards could easily sink a person without legs. The Childrens Pool could easily be the best ADA Ocean Pool in the World. It would be a great place for San Diego to host to give back a little to our wounded warriors. And hey! The Challenged Athletes could roll on in to the water, some unassisted just two blocks south! The Children’s Pool and the Disabled were forgotten by La Jolla and by San Diego. Please remember the priority is a human pool. Never in the 82 years has it been needed more. 16,000 severely disabled warriors have come home just from Afghanistan and Iraq. They are killing themselves instead of face life. Let us sponsor them at this therapy pool please. The ocean is perfect therapy for body, mind and Spirit. Please do not let the wall be condemned, please support the dredging of the sand and please support disabled swimmers. This would be a major destination for the disabled of the World , not just a 10 minute stop off to look at seals polluting a beach. There can be seals on the left and swimmers on the right of the wall. Thank you. Please watch this short video:
    from R.A. M.P Committee
    If you are interested in joining our committee dedicated to Restoring Access To Many People and represent the Disabled, the Elderly and Children please email us at

  2. resident

    Amen… with nothing but the best interest for the City of San Diego in mind, I hope with all my heart that this recall is successful and King Filner is sent packing with the same warm and fuzzy feelings he has extended to the disintegrating foundation of our beautiful city. San Diego deserves better.

  3. Hypo Critt

    What is even more sad is that while all the evidence mounted, folks like Donna Frye and Marco Gonzalez did the moral and ethical thing to come forward, our elected District 1 CouncilWOMAN has said and done nothing! This shows you how she feels, along with her 2 fellow Democratic WOMAN on the City Council as the only holdouts west of the Mississippi who have not called on Filthner to resign. Politics is all that matters with her and ethics and morals only matter when the Union boss tells you it does. (like if Bob were a Republican) The Light should pose ONE question to Sherri “If Bob Filthner were a Republican would you have asked for his immediate resignation”? We all know that answer and She should be recalled herself for this morally bankrupt stance for a serial predator! I am ashamed to even know her and her fellow Democrat women on the Council as they stand by and condone this behavior. At least Lorie Zapf has a conscious and soul and did the right thing……utterly pathetic.

  4. Paul

    Filner is about to play the biggest hoax on the people of San Diego. The City Council is out for vacation; he is probably going to a luxury resort at the peoples expense; why should we want him having anything to do with city business when we are paying for Echart to do the Mayors job (while we continue to pay him). He apparently feels (and there are certainly many her in SD that fit this comment) that he is smart enough to continue hoodwinking the folks here while he continues to drain our city of finances and reputation. WHY DO WE ALLOW THIS? Lets get behind an agressive “RECALL”.

  5. Dale

    “If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”
    -Abraham Lincoln

    This is such a titanic catastrophe we need to rally quickly and get him out of office. He is using legal loopholes to strangle the city.. where are the lawyers when you need them?

  6. Proud San Diegan

    Bob Filner has been in the cross-hairs of the Old Guard that has run San Diego for decades, and it’s no surprise they are capitalizing on any controversy they can to unseat him. I hope San Diegans will see thru the politics and realize their best interests have NOT been served by the people trying to get rid of Filner, and that Bob Filner is the only honest politician that can represent the interests of real people. The shameless pro-development crooks that have owned San Diego politics for the past decades have created an unsustainable and unmaintainable situation here, with too many people, not enough water, decaying infrastructure, unaffordable housing, inadequate public transit, horrible traffic, and lackluster culture.

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