Letters to the editor, May 23 issue

We say: Government does work!

As Ark Antiques for Animal Charities prepared for its once-a-year sale May 17-18, we were shocked when the City of San Diego posted notices last Friday stating that, because of tree trimming, there would be no parking on either side of Girard Avenue on the following Friday, May 17! Our sale draws hundreds of customers and likely it would have been disastrous if there would have been no street parking available on Girard in front of our store!

We immediately contacted District 1 Councilmember Sherri Lightner for assistance.  Two days later, on Monday, May 13, the city removed the posted notices and is rescheduling the work.

Our local government is criticized, often with good cause, for not being responsive to its citizens. In this case, however, government worked — and worked quickly.  A special thank-you to Councilmember Lightner for her initiative and quick action here.

Daisy Fitzgerald

Manager, Ark Antiques

Seal pupping beach closures may need to be expanded

Managing the growing marine mammal populations along the La Jolla coast is not as simple as closing the Children’s Pool/Casa Beach during the Pacific harbor seal pupping season (December to May). The Children’s Pool/Casa Beach along with South Casa Beach and the intertidal rock reef west of both beaches are all used for Pacific harbor seal pupping activity. All of this area qualifies as Environmental Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA) and Area of Sensitive Biological Significance (ASBS).

So if the Children’s Pool/Casa Beach area is closed during pupping season, what should the consideration be for South Casa Beach during the same period?

Both Pacific harbor seal and California sea lion populations will increase in La Jolla and more marine mammals may occupy additional beaches in La Jolla. The City of San Diego must plan for the possibility of additional beach closures in La Jolla.

In another matter, the Park Ranger at the Children’s Pool/Casa Beach is in charge of keeping people away from the harbor seals on the beach. He alone has the authority to address any matters concerning the seals to the public. Let the Park Ranger do his job, self-appointed private sector seal guardians are NOT welcome at the Children’s Pool/Casa Beach area. Volunteer seal monitors will just interfere with the Park Ranger and his duties.

Kent Trego

La Jolla

Climate change is hurting turtle population

Sex and climate change are not usually uttered in the same breath let alone put in the same e-mail, but let’s try:

When I was about 10, and on the way home from Sunday School in my brand new knickers, I tried to catch a painted turtle in a local marsh near Quantuck Bay on Long Island, but I fell in.  When I got home with mud all over my Sunday best, my mother had a fit, but when I told her I had tried to catch a turtle, she eased up a bit, but not much.  Now, decades later, painted turtles have re-entered my life.

Many reptiles, including all crocodilians, some reptiles and lizards, and some fish, have their sex determined, not by a specific chromosome, by the temperature of the incubating eggs. The warmer the developmental temperature the more females and the fewer males are created.  Now a report by herpetologists (see link below) are reporting that a warming climate in North America, home to the painted turtle, may warm enough to prevent any males from hatching and, therefore, painted turtles could run out of fertilized eggs.

Mayor Filner, it would be safe to say that the fate of painted turtles is not high on your daily itinerary, but the effects of climate change are real, and cause some very unintended consequences. I urge you to use all your influence to help California to continue to lead the way in mitigating the effects of climate change, which will help both San Diegans and North Americans.

Art Cooley, La Jolla

Founding Trustee, Environmental Defense Fund

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