Great plastic surgeons understand ethnic feature differences and beauty trends in plastic surgery

Trends in plastic surgery

Trends in plastic surgery vary between nations, generations and ethnic groups, making it critical for successful plastic surgeons to stay abreast of the latest styles. Photo Credit: Official Marilyn Monroe Website

By Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS

“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” – David Hume, 18th century Scottish philosopher

Trends in plastic surgery come and go, reflecting everything from old Hollywood glamour to the latest in celebrity silhouettes. But the best plastic surgeons stay abreast not only of celebrity fashions, but of changing trends across the globe. Ethnic feature differences and international beauty trends have a considerable impact on the plastic surgery industry. Read on for a virtual world tour of trending styles and procedures – and find out how to achieve your own best look with help from an award-winning San Diego plastic surgeon.

Classic American beauty: emulating icons of the silver screen

No matter how many years go by, America –and in fact, much of the world – remains fascinated and smitten with the style, glamour and sizzle of cinema’s classic starlets. From the curvy physiques of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell to the slender elegance of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, Old Hollywood remains an enduring influence when it comes to fashion, cosmetics and plastic surgery makeovers. Today’s plastic surgery patients remain inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic figure and dramatic facial figures (showcased here in a tribute video published via YouTube), making facial plastic surgery to emulate hers and other looks one of the most popular procedures on the market today.

Trends in plastic surgery

Miss USSR contestants, 1988. Photo Credit:

Russia’s first beauty pageant: top trends, then and now

Fast-forward from the golden age in Hollywood to the first beauty pageant held in the former USSR in 1988, a landmark event that inspired national attention and featured a new definition of “Soviet Beauty.” Contestants revealed slim, toned, muscular bodies, smaller-breasted builds and natural, unadorned faces with little makeup  — all in contrast to other contemporary styles across the globe and yet another reminder of the different definitions of “beauty” that arise in various times, places and cultures around the world.

Korea’s “clone” beauty queens: where plastic surgery reigns supreme

Beauty trends change from coast to coast and continent to continent, meaning that each culture has its own ever-evolving set of standards for would-be starlets, beauty queens and celebrities. But sometimes, these trends include altering ethnic facial features through rhinoplasty, or “nose job” procedures, to achieve a more Western look. Such is the case in South Korea, where a growing trend towards rhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgery treatments has some critics noting that the nation’s beauty pageant contestants look “eerily similar,” according to a recent piece for

Trends in plastic surgery

Korean beauty contestants. Photo Credit:

Which look is best for you? Find out with individualized service and attention from a skilled plastic surgeon

Whether you are South Korean or Eastern European, Caucasian, Latina or African-American, you deserve the attention and finesse of a plastic surgeon familiar not only with your own ethnic features, but also with those beauty trends that will enhance your appearance, work with your body and help you achieve your best look ever. After all, trends come and go – and, as we can see looking at the images above, they tend to evolve and revive over the years. No single iconic figure or popular trend can dictate the look that will make you feel your best: therefore, it is critical to work with a surgeon who understands and respects your unique assets and goals.

As an experienced and board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with over twenty-eight years in the field, I pride myself on providing just that to my valued clients. Come to me with your ideas and plans in hand and we will work together to determine the best course of action for natural-looking beauty and safe, effective results. For more information about plastic surgery at my Southern California practice, contact my San Diego/La Jolla office (858-450-4199) or my Temecula/Riverside office (951-695-9934) today, or visit us online at

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