BREAKING NEWS: Mayor says La Jolla Cove odor fix to be in place by Memorial Day, Seal Cam to remain beyond pupping season

By Pat Sherman

During his monthly media roundtable on May 9, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner told the La Jolla Light the city will institute a temporary remedy to the longstanding odor problem at La Jolla Cove within the coming weeks — a pledge first announced during the previous day’s meeting of the La Jolla Village Merchants Association (LJVMA).

The stink caused by bird and marine mammals feces along the cliffs at the Cove has been frustrating tourists and Village businesses for more than two years, making international headlines as the world has watched La Jollans deal with bureaucratic red tape that has thus far prevented any cleanup. File

The long-delayed stench that permeates the Village on warm days is caused by cormorant and sea lion excrement on the rocks above La Jolla Cove.

“We have someone who’s an expert at vacuuming this stuff up who we’re going to hire,” Filner said. “We hope we can do it by Memorial Day.

“I had been threatening various bureaucracies that I was just going to go clean it up, no matter what permits and stuff are necessary, (but) we think we have all the necessary permits lined up, both from (state) water and air (regulatory agencies) and NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration),” he said. “So I don’t have to go up there with my little Hoover vacuum cleaner and do it — which I was prepared to do.”

LJVMA President Phil Coller said he met with both Filner and state Senator Marty Block (D-39) last week to discuss the issue, during which Filner promised to have the problem solved by Memorial Day.

Coller said the mayor promised a more permanent solution would follow the proposed Memorial Day fix. Block also offered to assist the mayor in assuring a longstanding remedy for the reek.

“Whether he’s able to pull it off, we’ll see,” Coller said, noting that he couldn’t divulge the details of the proposal, though said they seemed “sensible.”

Filner also said he was uncertain about specific details of the vacuuming proposal — first mentioned months ago in an e-mail from the office of District 1 City Councilmember Sherri Lightner.

“We’ve just got to get it off of our rocks,” Filner said. “This is something that shouldn’t exist. … It’s a real problem for the merchants and the residents there.”

Seal surveillance stays

Filner also told the Light that the Seal Cam will likely remain in place beyond the harbor seals’ pupping season, which ends Wednesday, May 15.

However, the camera would have to be moved from its current location, atop the old lifeguard tower, which is slated for demolition in mid-June to make way for a new tower.

“We’re looking for a location right now so that it can continue in operation,” Filner said. “I’m not sure that we can, but I hope we can. I hope it won’t stop on May 15 — although it’s just a technical problem. We’ll figure it out.”

The city is scheduled to take over operation of the Seal Cam from the nonprofit Western Alliance for Nature in the near future. Live feed of the seals can be viewed round the clock on the city’s website.

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6 Comments for “BREAKING NEWS: Mayor says La Jolla Cove odor fix to be in place by Memorial Day, Seal Cam to remain beyond pupping season”

  1. neighbor

    The seal cam is NOT needed, unless it monitors the pups taking a stroll down La Jolla Blvd.

  2. Califia

    How much is this costing the City Taxpayers?

    “The city is scheduled to take over operation of the Seal Cam from the nonprofit XXXX in the near future. Live feed of the seals can be viewed round the clock on the city’s website.”

  3. Cheryl Aspenleiter

    The Seal POOP Pit, AKA Children’s Pool, is stinking just as bad as the Bird Poop caused when people were banned from the cliffs and rock havens. The Mayor is not logical to close a Human Ocean Swimming pool for the Disabled, Children and the Elderly. The fecal matter is building up and up, and the bacteria is growing and growing and the stench is terrible already. The heat will make it worse. To close the pool will make it even worse. The Mayor of San Diego clearly is not informed at to the truth of the situation. And I would like to challege him to a snorkel swim at Children’s Pool. To see the underwater devistation. In the very recent past Garibaldi were visible from the wall, their lovely orange bodies evident of their protected status. They can be seen no more. They were protected years ago, and now they are being eaten in great numbers by the serious over population of the seals and sea lions. You only have to have eyes to see this. The underwater ecology is unbalanced.It is BECAUSE of the seals that the many other species are being eliminated. The seals are not endangered , they have become a nuisance. They are cute, we love them, we should also love their home, the ocean. This seal home, the ocean is also home to lobster, to abalone to sea stars, to Garibaldi, to opal eye perch, and other species that need protecting as well. And to create even more protection for the seals is to further the imbalance of the underwater ecology. The Children’s Pool is for Humans. It needs to be RE-Stored. La Jolla Shores is dangerous for wheelchair swimmers who do not have the use of their legs. La Jolla Cove has no ramp. Children’s Pool has a breakwater wall that was specially built for the disabled. ” Those handicapped in life game” ( Ellen Scripps). There is NO other safe ocean pool protected for the disabled and small children and the elderly. This is the main reason Children’s Pool must be save, and restored. The sluiceways opened , the sand dredged out to access them. The seals will haul out at Shell Beach and on Seal Rock, the original Rookery.Shell Beach has a rip tide, that keeps humans away. And Cleans the beach from fecal matter and afterbirth. This is what is natural. Children’s Pool has been the safe harbor for swimmers for over 100 years. This community of swimmers will indeed be at rist if this the safe harbor of Children’s Pool is closed. This is not logical, is not good for the seals, and is not good for the balance of the ocean. It is also illegal to close the pool becasue 19 Nations of Native Americans have legal rights to access the water there. This goes back to before the Constitution, and their rights by law must be protected. There are MANY reasons why this CA Public Human Ocean Swimming Pool must not be allowed to close. The sand there is not really natural, take the wall away and the sand goes back to sea, the seals have no haul out room and to go a natural beach to pup and poop. Maybe that is the answer, demolish the wall altogether. It is falling apart anyway, and will soon be unsafe, and add to the decay and eye sore of a marine mammal poop pit with the terrible energy of Demolishing the Trust left by Ellen Browning Scripps , the most important benifactor of La Jolla. Scripps Instiute of Oceanography and Scripps Hospital, and Scripps School and on and on…. Where is the Spiritual Loyalty to Ellen? This will backfire; if this beach is closed. The seals are already getting sick.

    • James

      “The underwater ecology is unbalanced.” “BECAUSE of the seals that the many other species are being eliminated.” “serious over population of the seals and sea lions”
      Please where are you getting this information could you cite your sources? Are you an expert in the field? Or are you just making stuff up?

      “Children’s Pool has been the safe harbor for swimmers for over 100 years.” I believe it opened in 1931 you’re math is a little fuzzy

      “The sluiceways opened”
      The sluiceways haven’t been open since the wall was completed!
      “Outside of these slight modifications, Savage encountered only one obstacle during the final phase of construction. He noticed that the sand level of the pool constantly fluctuated with the ebb and flow of the tide. “A strong suction pull caused by the water running into the sluiceways and then receding” made it difficult for the pool to have an even sandbar. To remedy this problem, he decided to close the four wooden grillages. This prevented the sand in the pool from moving west through the sluiceways. On March 27, workers sealed the grillages. The pool’s floor immediately lowered one and a half feet. Three days later, a sand beach formed at “the corner between the bluff and the inside of the breakwater,” which Savage saw as beneficial “for children bathing in the pool.””

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