Skin disorders, #1 reason for doctor’s visits in America

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A study at the Mayo Clinic says that skin problems top all other causes for visiting the doctor. | Photo Credit:

By Stacy D. Tompkins

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen the doctor recently on an issue pertaining to your skin. That’s because according to a new study at the Mayo Clinic, dermal disorders are the number one reason people visit their doctors in the United States.

From all other non-acute conditions, skin problems like rashes, lesions, acne and pre-cancerous pigmentation were top causes for visiting the doctor over a five year period.

Researchers studied a medical database of more than 142,000 individuals, discovering in the process that skin issues exceeded all other health concerns like joint disorders or back pain, which respectively ranked as the second- and third-most reason to visit the doctor. Of the individuals studied, demographics like age and gender were nearly identical to that of the United States, with the exception to race which varied only slightly from the rest of country.

Conditions fluctuated by age including younger patients visiting their doctors for rashes and acne, while older patients received care for lesions or pre-cancerous conditions.

The study was published in the January issue of the Mayo Clinical Proceedings.

Skin care: 3 ways to stay healthy

You can take a proactive approach to keeping your skin healthy. Save a trip to the doctor this year by keeping close watch on your skin. Here’s how.

1. Wear Sunscreen

The best way to reduce your risk of skin cancer and pre-cancerous moles or pigmentation is by the daily use of sunscreen. Always apply lotion containing at least an SPF 15 active ingredient on a daily basis. For the face, always use an SPF 30 or greater to keep skin looking young and healthy.

2. Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Keeping skin acne-free involves careful at-home care including the use of proper face wash while keeping your skin clean on a regular basis. Be careful not to overdo it, though; over-zealous scrubbing using harsh ingredients can exacerbate the condition. Use gentle products with active ingredients designed to combat acne. Talk to a La Jolla dermatologist if you’re unsure about which products are best for your skin.

3. Limit skin’s exposure to harmful environments

Rashes and lesions can often occur as a result of exposure to harmful environments. Avoid direct contact with plants, animals or chemicals that are suspected to cause harm to the skin including poison oak, pets if you have allergies, and ammonia, bleach, drain cleaners and other toxic, volatile chemicals. Wear gloves, long pants and other protective gear when entering hazardous environments.

For more information on keeping your skin healthy, or to ask a question about a skin concern, call my office at 858-454-4300 and schedule your consultation today.

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