Plastic surgery information: popular myths debunked

Plastic surgery information

Get accurate plastic surgery information from a trusted source: your local board certified plastic surgeon.

By Stephen M. Krant, MD, FACS

With all the plastic surgery information (and misinformation) available online these days, it can be difficult for prospective patients to separate the myths from the facts. Fortunately, there are a few sources you can trust for accurate, honest plastic surgery answers — including national regulating organizations and board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons in your local community. Rather than gleaning questionable information from online forums, advertisements and prospective patients, consult the following tips for the straight facts on plastic surgery – and rest easy knowing that you are making an informed decision about your treatment plans.

True or false?

Plastic surgery is only for wealthy patients: False. While many believe plastic surgery to be cost prohibitive for all except the most affluent patients, advances in medical technology combined with diverse financing options have made plastic surgery accessible to individuals from all economic backgrounds. Plastic surgery patients come from all walks of life: at our San Diego plastic surgery clinic, we serve a variety of patients, from teachers, healthcare workers and retired persons to doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and others. Ultimately, the driving factor behind most peoples’ decision to undergo plastic surgery is a desire to change their appearance for the better; and in today’s society, this desire – not to mention the medical procedures used to achieve it – has moved into the mainstream.

Plastic surgery is dangerous: False. Media reports tend to highlight the best and the worst when it comes to plastic surgery, leading many to conceive unrealistic expectations – or to expect every procedure to be rife with risks. The truth is, successful procedures (of which there are millions) don’t make headlines. But most patients who seek out an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and undergo treatment in a fully equipped medical facility face only minimal risks – and come away perfectly healthy, with natural-looking results. At SK Clinic, we spend time with each and every patient prior to surgery to ensure adequate safety and comfort measures, from a full medical screening to special accommodations for those with medical conditions or concerns. If you or someone you know is considering plastic surgery, visit to see if your surgeon is board-certified.

All plastic surgeons bear the same qualifications, and will provide the same results: False.  These days, many general surgeons, general practitioners, ENT specialists and other medical professionals offer plastic surgery procedures without board certification. In addition, some plastic surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery perform procedures beyond the scope of that certification, which only covers training in head and neck surgery. Ultimately, only those plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Otolaryngology possess thorough training and qualifications in head, neck and full body plastic surgery techniques. In addition, different board-certified surgeons specialize in different areas of the body – making them more experienced and subsequently, more likely to provide the best possible results for patients.

Do you or someone you know have additional questions about cosmetic plastic surgery in San Diego? If so, don’t rely on questionable sources: contact us at SK Clinic today for current, accurate and informed plastic surgery details, safety advisories, procedure descriptions and more. Learn more, at

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2 Comments for “Plastic surgery information: popular myths debunked”

  1. Great post!
    I couldn't agree more with you about not all surgeons being equal. Finding a plastic surgeon that is board certified is extremely important and if they say they are board certified, it's extremely important to find out WHAT board they are certified with. Doing your research is key!

  2. Glad this article exist! I hate when people assume plastic surgery is inherently more dangerous.

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