Great White shark spotted off La Jolla Shores coast

A great white shark was sighted off the coast of La Jolla Shores, late Monday afternoon.

A shark, believed to be a Great White, was spotted today about 50 yards off the coast at La Jolla Shores, prompting lifeguards to close the ocean to swimmers and surfers.

A lifeguard spotted the 12- to 15-foot-long shark about 3:15 p.m., headed south just outside the surf line about 50 yards from the main lifeguard tower at La Jolla Shores, according to city Lifeguard Lt. Greg Buchanan.

Waters from the Marine Room to Scripps Pier out to the half-mile buoy were closed, and lifeguards were warning people in surrounding areas about the sighting, Buchanan said.

Lifeguards searched for the shark from the shore and with the assistance of boats and a helicopter, Buchanan said.

–City News Service

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7 Comments for “Great White shark spotted off La Jolla Shores coast”

  1. Resta Dastory

    surprised they did not get him given the great picture they go of him…….Seals, it's what Sharks like to eat….RETURN IT TO THE CHILDREN'S POOL LIKE IT WAS GRANTED TO BE!!!

    • James

      It's the ocean it's where seals and sharks belong! Don't use people's selachophobia for propaganda! The seals and the sharks will be around no matter what the state of CP. If either species disappears from our waters that when we should be alarmed.

  2. Eve Kennedy

    These seals at children's pool are not only polluting the waters of La Jolla, but they are bringing in man-eaters to out beautiful beaches. We need to protect the public from these aggressive and dangerous sharks by eliminating their bait: seals.

    • James

      You are ridiculous! There are no "man-eating" sharks!!! There has only been one documented shark fatality in the history of the human occupation of San Diego County! And that was in Solana Beach no where near the Children's Pool! Please show me where you get the idea that sharks are aggressive towards anything other than there food! Seals are not there "bait" they are there food. Seals and sharks have been in the ocean for a very long time there is no reason to "eliminate" either!

      I'm a fan of the shared use concept and hope it can work. The argument that the pool was built for children is not lost on me. But don't try and help your cause by perpetuating the "Jaws" myth! It's the ocean sharks are going to be spotted from time to time they have little regard for the squabbles over the Children's Pool!

  3. frog

    Worst picture association ever. Way to give a terrible representation. Just lost all respect of your so called "news" reports. Stop reporting if you are going to sway all readers opinions your way.

    • James

      Wouldn't say it's the worst picture association ever. Would be nice if the caption told us that it's not the actual shark sighted. And maybe where the pic came from.

  4. robert edwards

    Ummmm ya take the rope down !!!!!!! everyone talks about humans sharing the ocean with them they can share it with us. if you worried about neglect to the seald, sea lions exc. then create laws and consiquenses, there are only so many places to enjoy the outdoors and lets just say it SNORKEL !!! its a little extreem to just cut us off of enjoying the outdoors here . roads , sidewalks , buildings , people, crime , cars , work, should i go on wheres our esscape not to many places here thats for sure. im from alaska and yes planty of places to go not a problem but here san diego absolutly a problem and the more we harber the seals no punn intended the worse it will become and they polute waters as well and it not very serine the smells and the view. dont have a broblem with the cut little guys but its affecting my eccape away from the rat race we only have so many places to go they have 1000 more options then us they dont have more rights to the place then us find a way for us all to share. and sorry that there are people with to much time on there hands and are making this a problem and a pain in the seal ….

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