Opinion: Tree-climbing prohibition over the top

I am a long-time resident of La Jolla. All of a sudden this weekend two signs went up at the Cove that said that children, (or anyone else for that matter), cannot climb on the trees anymore. There is no code reference on the signs — just plain white signs.

I think it is important to point out that my grandfather climbed on these trees at the Cove when he was a young boy. My mother climbed on the trees at the Cove when she was young, as did I. Now my children have been banned. What a tragedy! Children have been climbing on these trees for a hundred years and without any damage to the trees or to themselves (other than a few occasional scrapes here and there). The attached picture of some unknown children on Thanksgiving Day says it all.

The war on childhood, written about in the Wall Street Journal last week, has now extended to one of our most cherished La Jolla memories. Is there no end to the political correctness of our time? First, we made it practically impossible for children to use The ”Children’s” Pool as our rapidly declining legal system acted contrary to the clearest possible existing laws and trust indentures. Now are going to take one of the last remaining pleasures from our children and grandchildren and our own enjoyment at their delight in accomplishing the not so formidable task of getting to the next branch?

If getting sued was the root of the city’s abandonment of this 100-year childhood pleasure, perhaps instead they could have simply put on the sign “Climb at Your Own Risk.” While this may seem like a small thing to most adults, the expansion of the “Nanny State “now knows no bounds. Lest we not forget it is really just a small step from here to the abridgement of most of our other cherished freedoms.

Baxter Carlson

Long-time La Jolla resident

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15 Comments for “Opinion: Tree-climbing prohibition over the top”

  1. cyberKICK

    Wow, I couldn't agree more! It is a shame that everyplace I look everything is being banned… why not just save everybody the trouble and ban FUN all together? Maybe we can all live in white padded rooms.

    You know, I remember when jumping the clam was not only legal, but fun! That I'm sure was far more dangerous than climbing on a tree!

    • James

      Try reading an actual article on the subject (the Light recently posted one) instead of someones un-researched thoughts into why they signs were put up.

      • cyberKICK

        It's a tree! If it dies then it dies. The idea of turning this world to to a "look but don't touch" place is becoming more and more obsurd. The purpose of Ellen Browning Scripps when she donatied the funds to build the park was clear. She wanted kids to play, not watch a tree grow.

        • James

          Yeah and she wanted the hospital to be a hospital and now it's condos. Things change. Climb on the pine trees across the way. They must be in better shape since they didn't get a sign.

          • cyberKICK

            Things change? So if you take your car to the mechanic to get fixed, but he keeps it a long time, then starts driving it, hey, it's his because things change. Don't think about the agreements made, things change.

          • James

            That doesn't even make sense.

          • cyberKICK

            Of course it doesn't make sense to say that even though an agreement is made, things change. That is what you said. I think agreements should be honored.

          • James

            People made agreements to buy and sell humans should those agreements be honored? Again things change. The way we view the world changes. Not everything can stay the same and a lot of things shouldn't. I believe those trees are from Australia and I wonder if they'd even let you bring them to San Diego anymore.

          • cyberKICK

            Okay, well I guess since you don't believe in agreements and I do we are at an empass. Hopefully nobody ever enters into an agreement with you…

          • James

            First of all we don't live in a black and white world agreements change and evolve over time especially ones that are decades to hundreds of years long. Second what agreement is being broken when it comes to the park? It's a city park re-named in honor of Scripps not donated by her! The trees I'm guessing came from Kate Sessions (know as the Mother of Balboa Park she planted trees from all over the world here in San Diego.) I fail to see what the problem is, I'm sorry please explain it using actual facts! http://www.scrippspark.com/ http://www.lajollalight.com/2011/12/04/no-climbin...

          • cyberKICK

            You missed again. The park was built by Ellen Browning Scripps in 1915, The park (Originally called La Jolla Park) was renamed in 1927 to her name in her honor. Along with with the La Jolla Rec Center (back then called the La Jolla Playground). She built that too.

          • James

            Dude, did you read check the link I posted? According the website the park was designated as a park nine years before Scripps even moved to La Jolla!

          • cyberKICK

            Dig a little deeper. I did.

          • James

            I'm fairly certain you're thinking of the wrong park. If you have some evidence to support your case I will happily read it. But you have to tell me where it you can't just say it's out there and expect me to or anyone else to believe you.

        • James

          Nobody is implying that everything should be look and don't touch just a couple trees that need a break. Don't be so hyperbolic!

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