Amidst Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, what’s the word from the 1%?

Coastwise Capital Group | Scott Kyle

Even the so-called 1% have concerns with the way Wall Street giants do business.

By Scott Kyle

Among the most popular and widespread rallying cries accompanying the Occupy Wall Street movement is a resounding demand for justice from the so-called “99%” – the majority of Americans suffering hardship and financial struggle at the hands of a wealthy minority. But in the persistent face of these demands and accusations, what are the 1% saying in response? According to a recent Daily Finance profile, at least one representative of the group – a 63-year-old multimillionaire named Al Checchi – is just as fed up with Wall Street as anyone else. Granted, Checchi isn’t claiming financial hardship alongside Occupy protestors on the streets; but he is decrying the institutions with whom he trusted his millions for honest money management – only to be “appalled” by the fraudulent marketing, client deprioritization and other transgressions for which major American financial institutions have become notorious over the past several years.

Since 2008, American investors have experienced an exponential loss of faith in Wall Street institutions – the investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds that Checchi refers to as “the usual suspects.” Now, one by one, these banks are falling under harsh scrutiny — and facing fines of hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of their dishonest practices. In the wake of such monumental betrayal, it’s no surprise that Americans from all walks of life have grown desperate. The nationwide Occupy protests are a telling indication of just how little confidence consumers are prepared to stake in the financial status quo. However, for investors like Checchi, there is an alternative: a port in the storm, as it were, in the form of independent money management firms beyond the influence of Wall Street’s “usual suspects” where integrity and individualized client care reign supreme.

Coastwise Capital Group: independent and honest money management for a brighter financial future

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The information in this article is strictly for educational and illustrative purposes and is not an attempt to furnish personalized investment advice or services.

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3 Comments for “Amidst Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, what’s the word from the 1%?”

  1. Hank Pfeffer

    This is an advertisement and should be deleted from news.

  2. Jesse

    When it comes to investing in not only my personal wealth, but the future of my family I just don’t feel comfortable with large banking institutions anymore. The loss in economies of scale is well worth the transparency I get by entrusting my money with smaller, local companies where I can get to know the people who are calling the shots. Call me crazy, but I like to see where my money is headed.

  3. Brad Murray

    Banks’ well-known names and reputations lead us to automatically entrust our money with them, but where is our money really going to? With all this hype about Occupy Wall Street it’s blatantly obvious that independent money management firms are the safe and profitable investment choice in our economy today.

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