Innovative mid-face lift procedure restores proportion, balance and individualized beauty

SK Clinic | Stephen M. Krant

A patient before (left) and after the minimally invasive mid-face lift procedure at San Diego's SK Clinic.

By Stephen M. Krant, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Beauty is a concept that involves balance between the objective and the subjective; it requires equilibrium between the whole and its parts. This relationship is the key to understanding facial aesthetics – and to each person’s definition of “a beautiful face.”

Beauty has been defined and redefined over the ages – and while each era is associated with different aesthetic ideals, proportion is one of the few qualities that has held true for centuries on end. For example, the ancient Greeks believed a beautiful face was determined by harmonious proportion of facial features: according to these ideals, a “beautiful” nose would be one in which the individual parts (tip-dorsum, height-length, etc.) would fit and be proportional to one another. Similarly, many still believe that, for the face to be truly beautiful, each feature must also fit the rest of the face; and whether that face is Anglo-Saxon, Asian, Indian or African American, ultimately it is the proportion that counts.

Five hundred years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci divided the face into three equal vertical sections in an attempt to capture this classical “formula” for beautiful features; and today, it is this same concept that is the basis for my facial aesthetic surgery practice. Simply put, the face can be divided into three parts:

  • Upper- Forehead, eyebrow, upper eyelid
  • Middle- lower lid, mid cheek, nose
  • Lower- Lower cheek/ jowl area and neck

By using this “formula” as a guideline, surgical procedures can be performed to create harmony, proportion and a more beautiful face. Everyone has their own concept of beauty — and now these procedures can be individualized to suit each patient’s individual needs and desires.

Achieve beauty, balance and customized results with targeted plastic surgery procedures

For the past fifteen years, I have been putting these procedures together in what has been termed “Centro Facial Rejuvenation.” My surgical options for this approach include:

  • Mid-Face (Malar) lift (lower eyelid incision only)
  • Endoscopic forehead lift (stabilization)
  • Submental Platysmaplasty (tighten the neck muscle and remove fat in the neck and jowl)

The malar (mid-face) lift is performed with a lower eyelid incision. Through this small, inconspicuous approach (right where a woman might apply eyeliner), the entire mid-face is lifted and stabilized in a more vertical, slightly oblique direction.  To envision this process, make an imaginary line between the corner of your mouth and the lateral corner of your eye; then, take your index finger on that corner of your eye and very lightly lift the cheek in that upward direction. You’ll notice that the mid-face appears lifted, the cheek bones more prominent, the nasolabial crease softened and the jowl area slightly tightened. I have performed almost 1,000 mid-face lifts using this simple approach — and in each instance, my patients are thrilled with the results.

The endoscopic approach allows the surgeon to stabilize the eyebrows above the superior orbital rim without raising either the forehead or the hairline by making vertical incisions behind the hairline. Since neither skin nor hair is removed with this approach, the brows cannot be overcorrected – making it a much more patient-friendly procedure than some plastic surgery alternatives. The upper-lid blepharoplasty can be done at this time or at a later time to give the lid a better crease line.

The neck is approached via a 2-2 ½ cm horizontal incision just below the chin crease.  Fat is removed with liposculture and with direct excision of fat above and below the platysma muscle. The muscle bands are then sutured together to create a more pleasing neck angle and contour.

In all three of the abovementioned procedures, incisions are minimal and easily concealable after surgery; and because we at SK Clinic prioritize patient satisfaction and safe, natural and individualized results, we are pleased to offer these popular procedures to help men and women achieve the outward appearance that meets their inner definition of ideal beauty. To learn more about our practice and procedures or to schedule a consultation, visit us online:

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