Obama heading to La Jolla; Perry to San Diego

President Barack Obama will visit La Jolla this month as part of a three-day West Coast tour, a White House official said last week, NBCSanDiego.com reported this week.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry was set to be at Landmark Aviation in San Diego around 8 p.m. on Sept. 7, following the Reagan Library presidential candidates debate earlier
that evening. It is set to air on NBC at 5 p.m. He is expected to attend another event the next morning at the Hyatt Aventine in La Jolla, according to City News Service.

As the campaigns for both parties pick up steam, Obama’s three-day swing includes a Sept. 26 luncheon at the La Jolla home of Elizabeth and Mason Phelps, according to SFGate.com.
The trip will start in Seattle on Sept. 25 with stops in the Silicon Valley and on Sept. 26 in the Los Angeles area before he heads to Denver on Sept. 27.

“I’m excited he’s coming into San Diego,” said Jess Durfee, county chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party told NBCSanDiego. “I think it’s the first time since he was elected. I don’t have any details yet … All I’ve had are e-mails confirming that he will be in San Diego on Sept. 26.”
Durfee considers the visit to be “good for a community,” considering the number of federal expenditures in the area, from military and defense to research.

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12 Comments for “Obama heading to La Jolla; Perry to San Diego”

  1. Andrew James Wark

    0bama is a joke… so is his campaign. He actually has to run on his record this time around, which is garbage. No longer will the "hope" and "yes we can" filth work for him… he's gonna get ATE UP in the debates…. I honestly cannot wait to watch him sweat in the debates with no teleprompter. lol

    • James

      "ATE UP"? I assume you mean "Eaten up"

      And I think in a debate with Bachman and/or Perry Obama will come out looking amazing! Debating Romney would be like debating himself.

    • Ron

      Funny watching the Tea Party event from Iowa last weekend all the speakers on stage spoke from their heart no teleprompters no note cards nothing but heart felt words spewing what this nation and its people need to hear not the fluff and BS we hear everyday coming from Washington and Sacramento for that matter.

      • James

        Yeah that would be the same thing rhetoric Obama was made fun of last election. "How's all that hopy feely stuff working for you" Palin.

        Oh and I can't wait to hear Bachman's plan to bring gas under $2 a gallon that should be a riot!

  2. Gail Golden

    A 4 pm event in La Jolla? Aree you crazy? OR do you not know of the traffic at that time of day? I live in North County San Diego and will spend my time supporting ANYONE who runs against Obama. He is destroying our nation with his spending and borrowing.

    • James

      Traffic going into La Jolla at 4pm is nice and easy! Driving to North County at 4pm is a joke! You all moved out there bought giant SUVs to comeback to San Diego to work and then wonder why the traffic sucks and gas is expensive and then want the people of San Diego to widen the roads that's what's crazy! You want to know why gas is expensive? Because you have no choice but to pay for it! I would love to what makes you think Obama is destroying the country. From where I sit it's looking better and better. I have no debit (paid it all off myself without declaring bankruptcy) and my company is getting stronger everyday. The one policy I'm rooting for is the repeal of the Bush era tax cuts "Trickle Down Economics" has never worked!

      • If you read the literature of Black Liberation Theology by James H. Cone, it's fundamentally about destruction of America and white society in order to create a biblical millennial kingdom on earth. It is logical to believe that he is an adherent of that doctrine, since he was a leading member of that "church" for 20 years. He never actually repudiated that cult-like doctrine and it was not fully explained to the public by the media. Obama just made Jeremiah Wright the scapegoat and the media gave him a big fat pass on it.

        • James

          Here's a quote: "Being black in America has little to do with skin color. Being black means that your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body are where the dispossessed are." (Black Theology and Black Power, p. 151)

          You are obviously misunderstanding James H. Cone or you're a fan of segregation. Cone's objections to "White Society" are in regards to segregation and racism that were/are allowed in not only private establishments but government. So yes in that sense Cone advocated the destruction of white society with the belief that everyone should be able to drink from the same drinking fountain and I am siding with Cone! It wasn't that long ago I wouldn't have been allowed to live here in La Jolla just because I'm Jewish. Do you know what it's like growing up with people using your culture/religion as a slur? I like to think if I was around in the 60's I would have been out there getting blasted with fire hoses just so that one day everyone could sit in any open seat on the bus!

    • Makyo

      I am ready willing and able to protest Obama carrying an Impeach Obama sign. Can you think of a good place in LaJolla to do this. I don't much want to be all the way in downtown San Diego while he is in La Jolla.

  3. sonsandiego

    Protest Obama's visit in Downtown San Diego at NBC studios on the night of Obama's visit (Sept 26). Protest time 4-7PM at 225 Broadway, San Diego. We are expecting a couple of hundred protesters.

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