Children’s Pool gets a cross of sea grass

On Monday morning, the cross of sea grass remains at the Children's Pool. Photo: Dave Schwab

Beach access proponents at La Jolla’s Children’s Pool found a new way to make a statement on the situation there over the weekend — with sea grass, which had been piling up against the fence at the rear of the beach and was drying out.

Previously, said one member of the group, sea grass has been disposed of over the fence under the old lifeguard tower. But this year they said lifeguards, expressing concern about the pile, asked that the practice be discontinued. So to draw attention to the problem of refuse collecting at the pool, they opted to create an attention-getting cross, which they say they may incorporate into a 9/11 memorial should it survive until that time.

One observer said it might have been more appropriate to make a peace sign.

Photo: Dave Schwab

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16 Comments for “Children’s Pool gets a cross of sea grass”

  1. Davy Jones

    The City of San Diego accepted the trust responsibility to keep and maintain the pool a safe place for there citizens and should be cleaning the build up of seaweed just like they do at other beaches like the shores, in fact the city used to by access of the ramp that was created for such a purpose before Sea World started released seals off the beach.
    Wasn't the city sued for breach of trust and wasn't the city ordered to clean up this mess and make it a safe place for the children again?
    One will say , the trust was amended so the seals can stay, then the city should be cleaning up after the poopie pinnipeds as they expect there citizens to pick up after there doodoo doggies at dog beaches. The courts have ruled that this is NOT a natural habitat, but a man made beach with a rehab Sea World colony of seals. Also testified in court by Sea World.

    • James

      They patched the access ramp. Many city services have been cut (such as tree trimming) due to budget cuts. People want these services but don't seem to want to pay higher taxes to have them. Would you be in favor of some sort of tax increase to pay for beach clean-up if that is the case?

      • biddipper

        "They" was me and my friends, not the City. We already paid a tax in sweat. We are the ones that clean the beach now too. Sure a tax to have you contribute too sounds pretty good. Or show up to the next beach cleanup there and we can call it even.

      • Seal Team 6

        With all the money wasted on frivolous lawsuits by Brayn Pease The city could have rebuilt Children's Pool!

        • James

          That could be true. Do you have a possible solution to the problem?

          • Califia

            It's called loser pays. A legal concept the lawyer's lobby has fought for years in California. It would eliminate the frivolous lawsuits by Pease and all the other ambulance chasing lawyers fishing for a big payday at taxpayers expense. No consequence to losing a lawsuit means more baseless lawsuits will be filed. Full employment for attorneys.

          • James

            Wouldn't that fall under the concept of a counter-suit?

  2. Bird Rock Native

    They say that politics make for strange bedfellows……seals and atheists now?

  3. Billy

    I am very tempted to strip down to my skivvies and lay down in the middle of that. I'd then give people orders, being sure to phrase them as ambiguously as possible, and see if people start obeying/worshiping me.

  4. MDC

    I think we should respect the wishes of the person who donated the land to California. They intended it to be a place for children. We should respect that and enforce it. Otherwise, give it back to the family, I'm sure they'd enforce it themselves.

    • Chaz

      Give back the whole Calif Coast to natures creatures excluding man and you can Children's pool

      • cyberKICK

        Right after you give back your home and place of business to the squirrels. Since you are saying people have no right to build anything anywhere. Of course you would have to get beavers, ants, birds, gofers, etc to stop building stuff as well… since building is so bad.

  5. califia

    What happened to the photos? Or are photos of crosses prohibited now in the land of the free?

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