Gluten-free living transforms Djokovic’s career – and prompts interest in revised nutrition standards nationwide

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Gluten is a wheat protein found in a wide variety of grain, bread, cereal and processed food products.

By Alexander Shikhman, MD, PhD, FACR

Novak Djokovic’s rise from all-too-human tennis newcomer to dominant world champion took the sports world by storm this summer; and while skill and training were no doubt responsible for many of the major changes evidenced in his game throughout the season, it’s Djokovic’s new diet that has prompted journalists, trainers and athletes alike to re-examine the relationship between human beings and a wheat protein called gluten.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Djokovic’s nutritionist discovered the tennis player’s allergy to gluten last year. Upon learning of the diagnosis, Djokovic eliminated all gluten products – including pasta, pizza, beer, bread, cereal and even Twizzlers – from his diet. Not only did his new eating plan result in healthy weight loss and a boost in physical and mental energy both on and off the court, it also coincided with Djokovic’s suddenly merciless serve, miraculous forehand and formidable backhand – a coincidence that many rightly believe warrants further investigation.

When it comes to gluten allergies and the body’s processing of gluten products, experts agree that it is primarily mental energy (as opposed to energy supplied to the muscle tissue) that improves from a gluten-free diet. Individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance and celiac disease – conditions that limit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and put patients at risk for serious health consequences when they consume gluten – will experience physical symptoms in addition to mental fatigue; however, the benefits of a gluten-free diet are not necessarily limited to those suffering from celiac disease or allergies.

Enhance vitality and combat gluten intolerance with pure, customized nutrition

Scientists estimate that 20-30% of humans are gluten intolerant; and because the symptoms of this condition can mimic everything from celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and even ADD, many individuals struggle for years before identifying the root cause of their health troubles.

Novak Djokovic is a prime example of someone who realized both optimal health and athletic performance with an accurate gluten allergy diagnosis: as for those who may not yet be aware of their body’s inability to process gluten properly, or for individuals who have been diagnosed and are now attempting to change their diet for the better, a commitment to gluten-free living may not transform them into tennis superstars – but it will help prevent serious medical problems, enhance overall vitality and contribute to pure, natural and holistic health.

At San Diego’s own Institute for Specialized Medicine, we have combined an intimate knowledge of auto-immune disorders, gluten intolerance, nutrition and holistic healing arts to create a new line of gluten-free herbs and supplements of unprecedented purity and quality. Conceptualized for those requiring a gluten-free diet, our trademarked GLUTEN-FREE REMEDIES™ are also suitable for gluten-tolerant individuals. We aim to raise the bar when it comes to supplement production, and bring awareness to the dangers of gluten contamination throughout the San Diego community and beyond.

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