Weak economy to blame for risky car repair delays

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Don't let repair delays leave you stranded or at risk.

By Nick Sciara

As the nation inches toward economic recovery and struggles to revive an ailing job market, many families find themselves cutting corners in order to make ends meet. This trend applies to everything from grocery bills to vacation spending – and unfortunately, routine auto repairs are no exception.  But as ABC News reported last month, while some personal budget cuts are entirely justified, others – like postponing auto maintenance — can result not only in bigger long-term bills, but in serious safety hazards as well.

According to recent data collected by CarCare.org, nearly 80 percent of cars on the road need repairs. The national survey indicates that, throughout the country, drivers are skimping on everything from oil changes to replacement brakes – and as Florida mechanic Steve Johnson puts it, endangering not only themselves but others as well in the process. “The steering, the brakes…if you let them go, you are putting yourself and others at risk,” Johnson says. He adds that bundled repairs inevitably cost more than those performed at the first sign of trouble – indicating that postponing vital maintenance for financial reasons is not only dangerous, but downright impractical as well.

Of course, even in the face of such responsible logic, consumers still balk at auto repair fees. Drivers may pause at the sight of a dim taillight or flashing maintenance indicator; but as one vehicle owner explains, the pressure to pay rent and balance budgets each month makes car repair seem like “the last thing you can afford” – even though it’s simultaneously essential for commutes to school, work, the grocery store and every other facet of daily life.

Stay safe on the road with trusted and affordable auto care

San Diegans aren’t strangers to the struggles of a recession-bound economy; but when it comes to auto maintenance, the stakes are simply too high to make a financial gamble worthwhile. Rather than endlessly postponing routine vehicle work, it’s important to find a mechanic you trust – and rely on their judgment and expertise to ensure comprehensive inspections and quality service at a fair and appropriate price.

When selecting a San Diego auto mechanic, keep in mind that the dealership is not your only option. Independent companies are often more affordable than big-name dealers, and some even offer inspections free of charge. At FTS Auto, we prioritize honesty and integrity over profits and believe that customers should only pay for truly necessary repairs. With this philosophy in mind, we provide complimentary inspections – so that when it comes time to pay the bill, each driver knows not only what they’re paying for, but how it will help keep them safe and secure on the road into the bargain.

Never compromise yours or a loved one’s safety for the sake of temporary savings. If your vehicle is overdue for a tune-up, take it in to one of our two local FTS Auto locations today. To learn more, log on: www. ftsauto.com.

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  1. I never used to get my car serviced on a regular basis. It does pay to maintain your car. I'm way in front since having my car serviced on a regular basis now. I've blown a motor just for been to slack to get an oil leak checked out. live and learn. Expensive lesson.

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