The Children’s Pool — ‘A gratuity to children’

By Phyllis Minick

La Jolla resident

Recently, the state statutes of 1931 were amended to include marine mammal park for the enjoyment and educational benefit of children, but did not change the trust’s words “bathing pool for children.”

This is the wording on two bronze plaques at the Children’s Pool to commemorate Miss Scripps’ gift of over $100,000 to the City of San Diego and the State of California. Both governments accepted that gift in an enduring trust, which means forever.

Current law states that “No one is permitted to exclude right of way to tidal lands of any harbor, bay, inlet, estuary, or other navigable water in this State whenever access is required for any public purpose …. (California Constitution, Article 10). Any barrier restricting  coastal access violates the Tidelands Trust, the California Constitution, the California Coastal Act and San Diego’s own Local Coastal Program.

Seals are not an endangered species at the Children’s Pool. Scripps oceanographers documented the harbor seal population in La Jolla as stable at 150 to 200 seals, with a migrating population of approximately 500 (Prof J. Moore & T. Linder, SIO, U-T report 5/24/10). By this May, 43 seal pups were born and survived at the Children’s Pool, an all-time record number.

As a swimmer, diver and law-abiding resident of La Jolla, I ask the La Jolla Light editors and staff to provide fair-minded reporting that acknowledges the law, the efforts of groups using the Children’s Pool to provide true facts about its sea life and to perform the only clean-up anyone offers there. Bullying should be stopped. The celebration to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Children’s Pool dedication was the only such event in this community and should be admired, not vilified.

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5 Comments for “The Children’s Pool — ‘A gratuity to children’”

  1. cyberKICK

    I totally agree. Amazing how a small group of self-righteous activists can be allowed to make such a nice place so unpleasant!

    • James

      I think both sides are a bit self-righteous and it is clouding there judgement on how the Children's Pool should be used! Bring back the ranger to teach people how to live in harmony with nature.

  2. cyberKICK

    Do you mean like Activist Ranger Lisa? The one who gave tickets that were found to be totally bogus? The ones that couldn't even make it in to the court system as they were thrown out by the City Attorney? How is it nature when the animals are not in a natural environment? In nature seals would be scared of people, would be on rocks, and not behind an 8ft thick man made wall with artificial sand. Here the seals were acclimated by sea world, and released here, sand was trucked in when the wall was build, and there is still cement debris everywhere. What part of that is "nature". I suppose it’s nature like your garage is (as there are probably spiders living in their natural environment there).

    • James

      I believe I have said many times (and I know you have read my comments) one that can teach people how to live in harmony with nature using the beach as it was intended but also in a way that does not harm the local wildlife. Much like a ranger in a city/state/national park would normally do! But it would be nice to have someone that can write tickets for illegal behavior from vandalism to (actual) harassment of the seals.

      • cyberKICK

        They had a Ranger, but the Ranger abused her power and tried clearing off the beach from people and eventually issued tickets the city attorney had to reject because they were illegal. She somply didn't understand the law or anything. No ranger with any real skill would want to deal with this mess. As complaints are just flowing in fromt he activists complaining that the ranger was not giving tickets. Those complaints stay on the rangers record. It is a catch 22 for the ranger. Either issue tickets to people who are not breaking the law, or receive complaints on your record.

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