Judge says environmental rules must govern fireworks shows like La Jolla’s

A Superior Court judge tentatively ruled Thursday that the city of San Diego is bound by California environmental quality laws when issuing permits for fireworks shows.

The ruling by Judge Linda Quinn undermines an action taken by the City Council on Tuesday, exempting private sponsors of fireworks shows from having to apply for the permits under certain conditions.

The decision stemmed from a lawsuit filed by environmental lawyer Marco Gonzalez against the city and organizers of the annual July 4 fireworks show at La Jolla Cove, which is adjacent to a marine sanctuary.

According to Gonzalez, the ruling means an environmental impact report will need to be compiled before the shows can go on about six weeks from now.

However, he said he expects the city to appeal the decision or seek an exemption for the La Jolla Cove event, which would get show organizers off the hook for this year.

“I don’t trust them to do the right thing,” Gonzalez said of city officials.

Environmentalists claim debris from fireworks pollutes the water and endangers marine life.

The lawyer earlier this week offered to settle the case, but the city has not announced a deal.

No decision has been made on whether to apply the ruling to other fireworks shows, he said.

Several City Council members said on Tuesday that they believe environmental concerns over fireworks were addressed by recently adopted regulations by the state Regional Water Quality Control Board, which requires organizers of shows to file for annual permits and prove they have cleaned up debris. However, those new state rules are not as stringent as what was originally proposed.

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14 Comments for “Judge says environmental rules must govern fireworks shows like La Jolla’s”

  1. Terry Upton

    Interesting enough is that Marco Gonzalez was one of the original supporters of closing access to the children's Pool. That was while he was acting on behalf of Surfrider, which is supposed to "maintain or create" access to the beach. It's O.K. to have tons of seal crap in the water, but not have a fireworks show? Marco is just a kook.

  2. djt

    Great, more GOVERNMENT bleeding hearts swayed by environmental nazis ….Maybe a few lights and noises would get rid of the living piles of offal. So much for OTHER contracts that can be broken at will…the benefactor of the Cove is probably turning in her grave…

    • npk32

      Shared use advocates sure like to throw around the word "nazi" quite a bit. I'm surprised that such an open-minded and compassionate group has such a lack of respect.

      • Seal team 6

        What type of storm trooper tactics would you call it,
        attacks with stun guns and mace, assaults to men, woman and children with treats with violence, intermediation, theft of privet property, vandalism to vehicles, stocking, filing bogus lawsuits, yelling and screaming with bullhorns, employing tugs, threats of filing false police reports.
        OK, NAZI maybe a little harsh, so I will use the word of TERRORIST, as defined in the dictionary as;
        A person, group, or organization that uses violent action, or the threat of violent action to achieve there political goal.
        And you defend the non shared use side,
        Nothing personal.

        • lajollalight

          One more plea for easing off on the diatribes. – The editor.

        • npk32

          Ok at least now I understand now that I'm dealing with someone who has a less than stellar command of the English language so arguing semantics probably doesn't make much sense here.

          Those words have a slightly different connotation in the United States so rather than looking them up in the dictionary I'd ask someone that knows what they're talking about before trying to use them.

        • Guest

          I can assure you that I want the seals gone as much as you do but I am finding that your (and several other posters') continued comments to every seal or environmental story are hurting our cause and are simply embarrassing. I am sure you have a spell checker on your computer and would respectfully ask that you use it. You refer to "treats" (I think you mean threats) and after some deliberation have concluded that by "stocking" you mean "stalking"? I'm guessing "intermediation" is meant to be "intimidation"? "Privet" property is likely "private" property and not related to bushes, and I have no clue what you mean by "employing tugs". Pro access people are not illiterate so we need you to stop making us look so. Calling anyone a "nazi", "storm trooper" or "terrorist" is counterproductive at this point. While I'm hardly inclined to defend the seal activists, your descriptions of their actions are often grossly exaggerated and just inaccurate. Our side can't be the voice of reason so long as you promulgate such information.

    • James

      With La Jolla's anti-Semitic past you might want to refrain from calling people Nazis.

  3. npk32

    Why does Lightner hate the environment so much?

  4. crazyoverseals

    Once again an environmental wacko has his boot on the throat of the majority of the people by trying to impose his will and foolish ideas on everyone. All extreme environmental regulations have an origin somewhere. This one is without a basis in reality. Chemicals falling from exploded fireworks will have absolutely no impact on the Pacific Ocean. None! As for wildlife in the La Jolla area, no permanent effects. Soon, we will all be restricted to our homes because we might have an impact on something an environmentalist holds sacred. I am guessing that Marco Gonzalez is a hypocrite and impacts the natural environment by living in a structure that displaced some animals during construction and still does today. If paid enough in "legal fees" this predatory lawyer will go away and his cause will not be so important. The court should short cut that process and tell this blood sucking parasite to get lost.

    • npk32

      "Chemicals falling from exploded fireworks will have absolutely no impact on the Pacific Ocean. None! As for wildlife in the La Jolla area, no permanent effects."

      Is that true?

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