Prescription drug abuse spurs push for prevention and treatment initiatives

Rx drug abuse prompts lawmakers to crack down on prevention.

Rx drug abuse prompts lawmakers to crack down on prevention.\Source: ABC News

by David Newson, Rancho L’Abri.

In the wake of devastating prescription drug abuse cases throughout the Midwest and Southern states, President Obama announced plans for a new spending initiative that would crack down on patient misinformation and implement stronger prevention and addiction treatment systems across the country.

Last month, Business Insider reported that the White House will seek upwards of $200 million for advanced drug prevention and treatment programs in the coming year. The war on legal drugs would also include critical legislation requiring special training as a prerequisite to prescribing dangerous painkillers like Vicodin or OxyContin.

In an otherwise cautious fiscal climate, Republican support for the Obama Administration’s drug prevention spending plan has been considerable. With prominent GOP figures including Governor John Kasich of Ohio and Florida Governor Rick Scott already pledging funds and fighting for solutions on behalf of their home states, prescription drug abuse prevention and treatment may be one of the few issues around which both parties can unite in pursuit of effective change.

Complete treatment, individual care

Unlike illegal drugs, prescription drugs are both socially and legally acceptable, easy to obtain and often a necessary component of medical treatment for conditions like severe injury or surgical recovery. Patients can become addicted to painkillers like OxyContin without ever intending to abuse drugs, and overdose on the medicine due to sheer ignorance alone. And when we factor in the number of individuals who knowingly abuse prescription drugs, either for recreational use or to combat symptoms of depression, the national crisis presented by inadequate prevention measures and patient education becomes even more abundantly clear.

Bigger and better drug rehabilitation and prevention programs will undoubtedly improve patient dependency and prescription drug abuse in the near future. After all, well-informed individuals will make for safer patients; but when it comes to treatment, legislators must understand the style of care necessary to create lasting change.

Every person dealing with substance abuse – be it alcohol, heroin or OxyContin – experiences their dependency in a different way. Rote programs are a great way to tackle chemical dependency and detoxification; but in order to achieve genuine recovery, patients need individualized care and committed support within the context of a realistic environment.

At Rancho L’Abri, we’ve realized the necessity of rehabilitating individuals within a safe and welcoming continuum of care while maintaining ties to the real world. Our San Diego facility incorporates full-spectrum treatment options — from detoxification and health education to therapy, counseling, creative expression classes, yoga, meditation and healing arts – all from within the urban heart of the city. Patients progress at stages determined by their needs as opposed to any set timeline – and return to their lives with the knowledge that they can always return to us for stability and support.

With the support of lawmakers across the nation, we hope to soon see prescription drug abuse on a marked decline. In the meantime, we remain committed to compassionate care and rehabilitation efforts for the San Diego community. Learn more online, at

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  1. Fergie

    Indicates my doctor of Findrxonline that The most important thing that an addict requires is nothing much but psychological support. It is the duty of the family and friend to give the complete support specifically from the psychological perspective. Even rehabs also support them psychologically first and then move to threat physical dependence. They should not feel something like that they have done some crimes rather than just some mistakes.

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