Council to consider banning dogs from Children’s Pool, adjacent areas

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A dog named Muttisse watches over the Children's Pool. Light File Photo

The San Diego City Council will decide next week whether to ban dogs from the Children’s Pool and the adjacent stairs and breakwater wall in La Jolla, according to an agenda made public today.

The ban, initially proposed at a council meeting a year ago, is slated to be taken up on Monday.

If approved, the municipal code for the use of park areas would be amended to keep dogs out of the area, with exception for service dogs and all city employees in the course of their work.

The Children’s Pool, which was dedicated as a swimming spot in 1931 thanks to a gift from Ellen Browning Scripps, has been taken over by harbor seals since the early 1990s.

The clash landed environmentalists and beach access advocates in the courts for years.

The city has a rope across most of the beach during pupping season to discourage people from disturbing the seals. The rope is scheduled to come down May 15.

However this season, some people have been setting up beach chairs and sitting on the beach area past the rope, which is designed to be a guideline.

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18 Comments for “Council to consider banning dogs from Children’s Pool, adjacent areas”

  1. michael

    The seal activists are not environmentalists. They are animal rights activists. There is a big difference between what an environmentalist does and believes and what an animal rights activist does and believes.
    The seal activists could care less about the environment except for not wanting humans in it.

    • npk32

      I don't know about it being "a big difference." They're both striving to protect the environment, whether it be the wildlife that inhabits that environment or the environment itself.

      Seal activists strive to protect a specific community of seals from any human contact that has the potential to affect them in a negative way. It's not that they don't want humans in the environment, they'd just rather have a community of seals on this particular beach. It's really not that complicated.

      • michael

        Your definition of environmentalist is quite different from mine. I consider coddling an already too large population of seals while they devastate the nearby ecological reserve to be anything but concerned with the environment. I guess the problem is that fish, mollusks and crustaceans just don't have that cute factor that the seals have. And the other animals don't haul up on the beach to sleep and poop which apparently the activists consider to be a valuable educational experience. And the activists cant make any money while crying "save the crabs and seaslugs!"
        Ahh but the eel grass seems to love all that poop…..

        • npk32

          Yes, you're right about that. Our definitions are quite different.

          You consider "coddling an already too large population of seals while they devastate the nearby ecological reserve" as the opposite of environmentalism.

          I consider coddling an already too large population of people while we devastate everything else surrounding the ecological reserve as the opposite of environmentalism.

          I also think the problem has less to do with the absence of what you call the "cute factor" in fish, mollusks, and crustaceans and more to do with the absence of the "cute factor" in a bunch of sloppy looking middle-aged men stomping around a beach with spearguns and wetsuits.

          And you're right, there's no way to make any money while crying save the crabs and sea slugs. I'm sure googling "save the crabs" or "save the sea slugs" will show that there are no organizations that accept donations on behalf of either of those causes.

          Oh and before I forget, untreated human poop flows directly into the ocean every time it rains. Sounds like Southern California is eel grass heaven.

          • Davy Jones

            I think its time YOU get use to the "bunch of sloppy looking middle-aged men stomping around a beach with spearguns and wet suits". Like I have said, if the pro seal group can not learn to share and has a tizzy fit every time there are people on this beach the city will be forced to protect the voters rights and remove the seals, I don't want that and my children don't want that, do you…

  2. Boian

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  3. Will

    If we ban dogs from one place, what's to keep them from banning them every where else? What's next, no dogs outside of your house because they could scare the birds and squirrels? Give me a break, keep the beach open to dogs and their owners. San Diego is becoming a Nazi-like state.

    • James

      Hmmmmm I think you really need to look into what Nazis actually did! Please share an argument with us that is not slippery slope based! I do believe most hours out of the day dogs are not allowed on most beaches here in San Diego. I walk out on to the Children's Pool wall just about everyday it was unfortunately not built ADA compliant and can be very packed at times adding dogs to the mix seems very inappropriate! And epode that feel the need to bring there strollers on to the wall are just plain rude!

    • npk32

      You might want to look up the word Nazi before you start throwing around that term.

      • michael

        I would not label the FOS Nazi's but it fits the APRL and similar extremist groups rather well in some respects.
        Are you familiar with one of their heroes Paul Watson?
        Do you know that Paul Watson wants to "radically" change the world population from 6 billion to less than one.?
        Do you know that he wants only a select group of people to be able to have babies?
        Do you know that he refers to humans as "the AIDS of the earth" and that humans are less than worms and cockroaches?
        Do you know that he wants to force veganism on the population and incarcerate any and all hunters,fishermen etc…
        ETC,ETC, ETC…….
        Do you know that Paul Watson is a pussy cat compared to some of the creeps out there that the animal rights groups idolize?
        And a little off topic but do you know that Paul Watson criticized Green Peace for making a lot of money off the seals,which were not endangered, yet never doing anything to help the environment or the truly endangered species…..and guess who is doing that now along with groups like the APRL

        • npk32

          Oh so you have looked up the word Nazi and you WOULD use it describe APRL? Well in that case look up the words "insensitivity" and "ignorance" and let me know what you find.

          To answer your question, I am familiar with Paul Watson and I don't agree with a lot of his beliefs or tactics. However, I'm still trying to figure out what listing some of his more maniacal rantings has to do with this issue.

          And to repeat my question for the 500th time I'd also like to know how you're coming to the conclusion that any of the donations taken by APRL are being misused in any way.

  4. guest

    This is crazy. The seal nuts need to lay off..

    First they wanted to ban people from a public beach, now they want to ban dogs from the sidewalk above the beach.

    What's next, ban people from the sidewalk above the beach too?

    I can just see the seal freaks now. Screaming at children through a megaphone that when they look at the seals they are somehow harassing them, nevermind the seals are getting freaked out by the screaming through the megaphone.

    By the way, I wonder if the residents at Casa De Manana or the tourists trying to enjoy the beach in peace minded Bryan Pease yelling at people on the beach with a loud megaphone last weekend. Hardly they idyllic calm of a beachside setting I'd want to spend my golden years in.

  5. fishinwithagun

    This is absurd. The area around Children's Pool is a great place to take a walk, and many La Jollans enjoy taking their dogs with them. It's a regular route for many of us. Why should be accommodate the demands of these animal rights extremists in taking away our freedoms?

  6. Davy Jones

    The beach on the sea side of the rope is cleaner as the tide flushes it, but the side behind the rope is never cleaned ! at high tide seals are passed the rope and pooping,
    that is why my family and others use the sea side.
    This dog ban is just one more step to close this beach and is taking away one more of our rights.

  7. npk32

    I don't like the idea of banning dogs on the sidewalk either but they did the same thing with the coastal path at Scripps Park. Where was the public outcry then?

  8. Guest

    I wonder what would Ellen say if she were alive today and knew of the development of the "Children of the Sea" had made camp in this designated are for children? We have so many other wonderful beach locations for children on the south and north with the cove and shores that I think it's great that the seals have chosen this spot. We should feel priveleged and not cursed. As for the dogs being banned, lame idea.

    • michael

      The grand niece of Ellen Scripps , Ellen Revelle, had stated several times in interviews that Ellen Scripps would be disappointed with seals taking over the Children's Pool.

    • Davy Jones

      Ellen Browning Scripps would say,
      Get those stinking seals off the children's Pool, I didn't spend $70,000.00 for them to squat here, call Sea World and tell them to get them off this beach and why in the hell did you put them there in the first place!!!
      I had the wall built here because the beaches south and north are the most dangerous beaches in La Jolla numb nuts…

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