Your View: La Jolla’s much better without unpermitted vendors at Children’s Pool

It was so wonderful to walk on the beach at Children’s Pool recently. What a pleasure to see kids and their families enjoying the area without the intimidation of seal lovers.

Vendors without permits should be banned, We can all get along!

So happy to be a San Diegan.

Christine Keller
San Diego

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18 Comments for “Your View: La Jolla’s much better without unpermitted vendors at Children’s Pool”

  1. Tati G.

    It is really too sad to see how human are so greedy. The seals are in the reproduction season and as far as I understand they should be protected from "human invasion, harassment and intrusion" at least until May. The people who feel " so happy" to be walking and having barbecues at Seals Beach should be made aware that we humans have all the other beaches in the area and the seals only come to Seals Beach to have their babies. How much greedy can we be?
    Also vendors that support the "share the beach" idea are just looking after their own financial interest it seems and are encouraging the tourist to go down to the beach even though is reproduction season. Of course the other vendors of t shirts are there for the "profit". Only the people from San Diego Seal Watch seem to care about the seals and their rights. Is it not about time Mayor Sanders and the Council take a stand on this matter and protect the seals at least until the end of the Reproduction season?

    • Davy Jones

      Wake up and smell the seal poop and pull your head out of the clouds! this is the CHILDREN'S POOL, A MAN MADE BEACH, not seal beach, Seal Watch San Diego wants this drama because it creates big money and that is there main goal, MONEY. Also vendors that support the "share the beach" idea are following city policy and state law! Thanks to Seal Watch that had the trust amended, So lets give a big hand of applause to Seal Watch San Diego for creating California's first
      SHARED USE BEACH. The primary use and the construction of the sea wall was for a bathing pool for the children.
      You seal viewing lovers better get use to "Share Use", because if you can't learn to share, the city will have no choice but to remove the seal, I don't want that… do you????

      • npk32

        If the seals create big money then let's get the city involved. Close the beach, watch some seals, PROFIT.

        If I was a pro-access advocate I most certainly wouldn't be running my mouth about how much money SealWatch is pulling in because that's exactly how this scenario will play out if the City catches wind of it.

    • michael

      I'm amazed at how little you and others actually know about the situation and history concerning the Children's Pool. I could pick apart your entire comment but lets just start with this….The Pro-access table makes ZERO profit. The Sealwatch table makes a lot of profit and they would not be there if they did not. Not one penny that Sealwatch makes goes to help the environment or maintain the ecological balance in the area. In fact ,what they are doing is harming the environment and destroying the ecological balance while making a lot of $$$

      • npk32

        I'm amazed at how often I hear the exact same argument without any explanation to back it up.

        • michael

          Which Argument? I'm going to assume that you are referring to my statement that what they are doing is harming the environment and destroying the ecological balance. I have lived in La Jolla for 30 years and during the 80's and 90's I used to spend many days snorkeling between the cove and the Children's Pool and I and many other divers and UW photographers can tell you that the difference in marine life abundance in that area from before the seal population explosion and now is night and day. Comparatively now it is a wasteland. If you would like further explanation on this topic or others concerning the Children's Pool controversy , let me know…..

          • npk32

            I was referring to this statement, "The Sealwatch table makes a lot of profit and they would not be there if they did not. Not one penny that Sealwatch makes goes to help the environment or maintain the ecological balance in the area."

            I've heard that quite a few times in recent weeks but I've never heard any clarification on how anyone knows where their money goes. I'm not saying it's not true I'm just saying I've never heard any explanation.

          • michael

            I'm not allowed to post links in this forum but I can tell you that the APRL is a 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization and there tax returns are easy to find online.
            Their expenses are staffing an "educational" booth at the Children's Pool and "educating" the public about cruelties of factory farming and how to support vegan alternatives.
            If the public knew what the endgame and mission of the APRL and similar animal rights organizations was it would scare the bajeebies out of them.

          • npk32

            Right, I know about their tax returns and all but how are you coming to the conclusion that the money they raise as a non-profit organization is being misused?

    • fishinwithagun

      WAIT A MINUTE TATI!? It seems you are very concerned about the "reproductive season" of animals.

      Well let me tell you, I was down at La Jolla Shores beach the other day and while kicking my feet in the sand uncovered some EGG LADEN SAND CRABS! Lordy me, imagine my surprise when I found these very sensitive animals were present on an open beach during the HEIGHT of their "reproductive season". I was appalled that the city of san diego had not closed la jolla shores to protect these sand crabs.

      then i woke up from this terrible dream of mine that I had turned into a crazy animal rights activist!

      • npk32

        Wait, there's another beach in La Jolla that people can use besides Casa Beach?

        • Davy Jones

          Yes there is 2 other beaches with year round full time lifeguards,
          1. La Jolla Shores
          2. La Jolla Cove
          Both are with in the La Jolla ecological reserve, that means look but don't touch, no fishing or spear fishing allowed.
          But the 3rd is Children's Pool and only these 3 beaches have parking, bathrooms and showers, and NO rip currant off this beach.
          Now we have another special reason to use Children's Pool, my "children" get to snorkel with the seals…

          • James

            Ummmm There's no showers and only portable bathrooms at the Children's Pool now. And lately a bunch of people with spear guns fishing sounds like a lovely place to send your kids swimming!

          • Davy Jones

            There is one shower on the old bathroom level and spear fishing started in the 40's there, it was the birth place for spear guns, and no one has been injured since.
            When the city rebuilds the Lifeguard tower there will be new bathrooms and showers.
            This would be a lovelier place to send your kids swimming if the seal activist would stop screaming at the kids.

          • James

            Seriously in 70 years there's never been a spear fishing injury?

          • Davy Jones

            "Seriously in 70 years there's never been a spear fishing injury"
            At Children's Pool…

  2. npk32

    Oh, I see. You can't kill anything at the other beaches. Now I understand.

    "Now we have another special reason to use Children's Pool, my "children" get to snorkel with the seals…"

    By "children" I'm assuming you mean a bunch of middle-aged to elderly men in wetsuits? Sounds like you guys are having a blast but don't get used to having those seals around, I hear there's a group trying to get rid of them.

    • Davy Jones

      Who said anything about "Killing". and I don't think you do understand, my boys "children" love to swim and snorkel and I hope someday they will learn to scuba dive there in the near future at this location just like many other divers and myself has.
      And if there is a group trying to get rid of the seals, why are you keeping this a secret, is it because there is no such group, this is just a made up bogeyman, a tool for the money hungry seal watch activist…

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