On the Menu: Manhattan’s Cannelloni

Ingredients: Homemade pasta dough, ground beef, spices to your taste, spinach, and small can of tomato paste.

Directions: Roll out dough and cut into 4-inch by 8-inch sheets. Boil 2-3 minutes. Cook ground beef with spinach, salt, pepper, basil, bay leaves and a small can of tomato paste. Lay out pasta sheet and place 3 tablespoons of the mixture in the middle of the dough. Fold it over, making a rectangle stuffed pasta shell — as many as needed.

To serve: Heat cannelloni in microwave for one minute, place on top of hot marinara sauce and top with béchamel sauce. (Note: Béchamel sauce results from adding milk to a roux, a combination of butter and flour. When milk is added to the roux and cooked for a few minutes, it becomes béchamel sauce. Other ingredients may then be added in order to create other sauces.)

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2 Comments for “On the Menu: Manhattan’s Cannelloni”

  1. JayD

    I'm a little disappointed in this as a recipe — I was very excited to see this featured as I adore Manhattan's cannelloni, but while this gets me in the direction, it isn't really sharing the secret for Manhattan's own outstanding cannelloni (adding spices "to your taste" doesn't really get me to their special taste). Now *that* I would have loved to try to make — its the best I've ever had! I guess we'll be having a *lot* of cannelloni dinners as I try to approximate!

  2. Nina

    The recipe does seem a little too vague to be replicated – that is what "mama" would have done, but if they are sharing the recipe, it would be nice to be more specific.

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