A sampling of views on La Jolla’s Mount Soledad cross

Light asked guests visiting the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial on Jan. 5 for their thoughts were on the latest court decision regarding the landmark cross, saying it was unconstitutional. Here’s what they had to say:

Beverly Shalek and Jacquie Woods. Photo: Dave Schwab

Friends Beverly Shalek and Jacquie Woods, who walk their dogs every day at the Korean war memorial.

“I thought the whole thing was over with and then it gets dredged up again. It’s just a shame. I don’t know why people object. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to look at it.” — Beverly Shalek

“The thing is, it’s been here for so long. It’s part of the history of the area.”  — Jacquie Woods

Ken and Jim Stowe. Photo: Dave Schwab

Ken Stowe, formerly of Solana Beach now living in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Jim Stowe of Escondido.

“It’s perfectly legitimate for people who are bothered by the cross, or the ocean or ice cream, to express their opinions and to use every legal resource they can (to remove the cross). But ultimately, I think this controversy is fueled by the mistaken notion that there is a separation of church and state.” — Ken Stowe

“It’s a slap in the face of all of us that are Christians. “ — Jim Stowe

Davina Hernandez. Photo: Dave Schwab

Davina Hernandez, student visiting from Connecticut.

“I feel like there’s a lot of religious symbols on public land. Why are they picking on it?  I wouldn’t be offended if I went somewhere else and a symbol of a different religion was there. That’s just like saying there shouldn’t be Christmas trees in Times Square — but there are.”

The Balce family. Photo: Dave Schwab

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jonalyn Balce and family of Chula Vista

“I think it’s up to interpretation. It should stay just because it’s been here a long time.” Alex Balce

“I love it. It’s very nice. It’s good for the kids. It would be a shame to move it. Where would you take it? Mrs. Balce

The Jose Pina family. Photo: Dave Schwab

Jose Pina and family from Escondido

“Whenever my relatives come from Mexico or Northern California I bring them here. It’s a great view. You can see north, south, east and west — the whole city.”

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2 Comments for “A sampling of views on La Jolla’s Mount Soledad cross”

  1. 316Prospect

    Ha! There are no Christmas trees in Times Square, though the largest one every year is in Rockefeller Center. Also, Christmas trees are actually based on paganism and have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus, especially since he was born in Bethlehem, but the Roman method of execution has become the symbol of Christianity. How accurate is it to poll people who are visiting the Easter Cross? Would the ones who object to the cross be up there? I'd say rarely.

  2. sdrenee

    There is no "misconception of church and state" it is a part of our constitution. Yes, the cross is a religious symbol, there is no arguing it. The fact that it is on public property is wrong, however, the cross has been on the mountain for a very long time, it is a beautiful sculpture, and extremely iconic. I understand that people don't want to see a monument of a faith they do not believe in, forced upon them in a public setting, but we are in a society where catholics are in the majority. There is just so much anger and passion that goes with any proponent or opponent of this, that in the end, nobody is going to feel justified. Catholics don't want the cross removed, Jewish want to see a star of david, atheists would like to see a monument of no faith, in the end, nobody feel vindicated. Its frustrating that people so adamantly disagree that there should be a separation of church and state, which goes against the constitution, however would raise all h*** if any of their other constitutional rights were put up for debate. It doesn't protect just the catholics from having the muslim or jewish or islamic religions pushed in their face, it also protects those who recognize no religion to not be bombarded by catholic icons. Please come to your senses, this memorial is about peace and honor, not about dividing a city.

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