Abused puppies Sunny, Cher in new homes

her (in pink) in the arms of her new adopted family, Penny and Scott Scarbrough of El Cajon and Sunny in the arms of his new mom Kathy Caplis of Oceanside. Courtesy

Sunny and Cher (in pink) wait for their new families to pick them up at the County Department of Animal Services Shelter on Gaines Street. Courtesy

Sunny and Cher, the two puppies whose ears were cut off by an unknown person, have been adopted into forever families through the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services’ adoption program.

The Department received over one hundred adoption applications for the two puppies. All applications were evaluated and the adoptive families were chosen based on their ability to provide the best environment for each of the puppies.

Cher has been adopted by Penny and Scott Scarbrough of El Cajon and Sunny has been adopted by Kathy Caplis of Oceanside.
“After the abuse that these two puppies suffered at the hands of an unknown suspect, the Department is happy to announce that both Sunny and Cher have been adopted into wonderful, loving families,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of Animal Services.

On Nov. 19, Sunny was found outside a shopping center in Mission Valley and brought to the Department of Animal Services shelter. Sunny’s ears had been cruelly cut off. The puppy received veterinary care and he has been in foster care.

On Dec. 7, Cher arrived at the County Animal Shelter with her ears cut off. Cher received veterinary care in Mexico for her ears and has been in foster care with her brother.

The Department of Animal Services wants to remind all who applied to adopt the puppies, as well as the public, that there are many other dogs waiting for homes. For more information on adoptions or to view photos of available animals, please visit http://www.sddac.com/adoptions.asp.

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