Seal pup rescued at Children’s Pool dies

Mark Bressler, senior animal care specialist at SeaWorld, bottle feeds a harbor seal pup rescued Tuesday. The pup died early Wednesday: Photo: SeaWorld San Diego

Mark Bressler holds the injured seal pup on Tuesday afternoon. Photo: SeaWorld San Diego

An abandoned day-old harbor seal pup died early Wednesday after being rescued from the Children’s Pool and taken to SeaWorld San Diego.

Calls about the undersized male pup began coming in during the morning Tuesday, and SeaWorld staffers responded around noon, said SeaWorld’s Kelley Terry.

On Wednesday, she said the pup weighed only 7 pounds and appeared to have been born premature. That’s about half the weight of a normal day-old pup, said SeaWorld’s Dave Koontz.

“Typically, we try to wait a little while on a young pup to see if its mother tries to come back,” Terry said.

She said this one appeared to be injured from occasional sea gull attacks, so it was brought back to the park to warm up and be given nutrients.

A necropsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

— City News Service contributed to this report.

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3 Comments for “Seal pup rescued at Children’s Pool dies”

  1. Mr, Wizard

    Nice Photo op Sea World, that should increase ticket sales….
    Why did you remove the pup from its mother, after you took it away the mother came back and was crying and searching for its baby, now we have a traumatized mother that Sea World need to come and rescue for emotional treatment .

  2. Mr, Wizard

    "The truth is out there" has his natural science right, but overlooks the politics. Premature parturition is a natural means to end a seal pregnancy gone wrong by under age or under weight mothers or any of the multiple problems that could lead to a dangerous stillbirth if not naturally ended. It happens every December. That is why true pupping season is defined to be from Feb when the first successful puppings occur. The rope that goes up in December is called a "pupping season" rope for political reasons.
    This is not about benefiting seals or seagulls, Mr. Out There. Note Bressler got to be a director long ago, but this time he had the regular crew stay back so he could get the photo-op. It was handled not as a rescue but a cynical publicity shot. Then they use the opportunity to restate the falsehood that pupping season is from December, though in their own words, real pupping does not happen then, and called a half-weight preemie "abandoned" though they knew better.
    Why? Politics again. APRL's lobbyist lawyer has filed suit to force the City to move the rope installation to Dec 1. They needed a December pup, bad, with publicity. The suit would make City Attorney wrong about his legal advice to the Mayor not to violate the law by declaring a need for an emergency year-round rope. They hope to use frivolous lawsuits (City Attorney's Office's words) to cost the City enough to make it close the beach for them and not end their illegal business activities on the sidewalk. Hence this manipulation of the public with pseudo science and misstatements. There is big money in controlling the seal display the public has gotten used to. Check it out.

  3. Mr, Wizard

    The seal colony at Children's Pool was artificially created to build a tourist attraction. It required a collusion between the City, Hubbs Sea World Research Center and the National Marine Fisheries Service, over a decade of secret exploitation of the nature of harbor seals intended to be released "to the wild" after capture and care.

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