Opinion: I don’t want a seal rookery

By Roger Raffee
La Jolla resident

Florence Lambert, in her viewpoint you printed, insults people who don’t want a seal rookery in La Jolla by calling us “selfish.” I don’t want a seal rookery in La Jolla because I believe, like it increases tourists who want to come and see them, it will increase the likelihood of Great White shark visitors who will want to come and eat them. If I’m being selfish because I don’t want to see an increase in attacks on people who use the ocean in this area to become similar to the frequency we see in Northern California, where rookeries are common, then yes, I am being selfish.

I also believe that any person that uses the ocean with any regularity and doesn’t believe that increasing the seal population won’t also increase the Great White population lacks common sense or just doesn’t care. The seal rookery in La Jolla, in my opinion, is a legacy of ignorance and political correctness gone stupid.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other like-minded people in other parts of southern California start more seal rookeries. We can’t be the only place with the ignorant and politically correct stupidity. There’s a reason why Southern California has historically been such a safe place to swim and surf, despite the much larger numbers of people in the water than other parts of the world, including our neighbors to the north. For writing that piece Ms. Lambert should have to swim with the seals on a regular basis. One lady tried that at Avila Beach not long ago, but she didn’t make it back to shore.

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15 Comments for “Opinion: I don’t want a seal rookery”

  1. kimberly dove

    you suck..people out of town bring the money into your city….great white shark …give me a break…you need to thank god the seals are there..i know they leave a mess out there with there poo….i have lived out there many years ago..no sharks..you people need to get your stuff crap in line ..there is a happy middle ground here …kimmie

    • Mr, Wizard

      There is a happy middle ground here and the city has the solution, it is called SHARED USE…..we will have a full time Ranger and Docent program by next month and peace will be in stored on a part time bases, for full time peace we need to get rid of the seal activist…… You don't have to be a wizard to figure that out……..

      • LawAbidingCitizen

        You know very well that the "Ranger" is a pawn of the seal haters!!!

        Why do you think only seal haters have the right to speak and act at Casa Beach? You have some elevated citizenship status? (Oh yeah, I know. You're "La Jolla Residents". Big deal! Far, far more important is our citizenship in San Diego, CA and the USA! The City of San Diego is the lowest government in the hierarchy of governments. With regard to government, La Jolla is NOTHING!)

        Read MMPA. When a seal hauls out on a piece of sand, he owns it and a buffer area around him. Federal law! Trumps all this BS about Scripps' will, local law and state law.

        There have been NUMEROUS violations of MMPA. Seal activists will continue to work at Casa Beach to see that Federal law is enforced and to protect the seal colony.

  2. save the seals!

    people just need to be smart enough not to swim with the seals. of course more seals will attract more sharks but if you're not swimming with the seals you're not swimming with the sharks. and you should be grateful the seals are there. my aunt and i are planning a trip out to southern ca. and one of the places we've planned on going is la jolla because of the seals and honestly the once in a lifetime chance to see a shark in the ocean. (i live in ohio so as you can imagine seeing sharks is not exactly a common occurance)

  3. npk32

    These letters are a joke.

  4. SDResident

    go to Farallon Island seal rookeries and swim around and see how long you last. GW sharks are a creature of habit. Once they are habituated to a feeding ground, they return time and time again.

    The seals have increased in numbers in the last 10 years despite the beach not being "protected" like the seal display people (who make a handsome sum, by the way) always claim. If it's so harmful, how come their number increases every year? The middle ground is shared use–but that's not catchy enough to make a compelling case to ask for tourist dollars. Ever visit one of the "seal advocate" table or go on their websites. They are quick to ask for a donation, and you got to wonder where all that money goes. Look up their tax return–most of it goes into someone's pocket.

    • npk32

      Do you find it unusual that a non-profit organization asks for donations? I've looked up their tax return but I'm curious as to how you've come to the conclusion that the money they receive in the form of donations "goes into someone's pocket."

  5. Be kind.

    Marlen is a very smart, articulate and wellinformed student! I am sure her parents and teachers are very proud of her. Congratulations!

  6. James

    Sharks are highly tuned top of the food chain predator that can tell the difference between a seal and a human. There have always been seals here and there have always been sharks here. There was a shark encounter a couple weeks ago near the Children's Pool. The shark not only knew that the person was not a seal but was even able to "steal" the spear fisherman's catch with out hurting him. People swim the Cove everyday with seals, sea lions, all sorts of fish, oh and sharks with out incident. It's one thing to not be in favor of changing the "Trust" that governs the Children's Pool (I'm in favor of shared use) but please don't try and scare people with shark attack propaganda.

    • Michael

      The spear fisherman's game clip was attached to his waist. The Seven Gill shark bit his calf and did not steal his catch.

      • James

        You are correct I misremembered the article in question. But it is worth noting the shark didn't hurt him and they guy is quoted in Light saying "…but the shark was biting me a bit like a dog who is playing with you and bites your hand.” And according to the Light he had no serious injuries.

    • Seal Team 6

      Jame's, you said, " People swim the Cove everyday with seals, sea lions, all sorts of fish, oh and sharks with out incident".
      The people swimming or diving at the cove are not "fishing" as this is a reserve, so no one there has a speared fish attached to ones person.

      • James

        I'm very aware that you can't fish in the cove thank you. The guy spear fishing was near the Children's Pool. But that doesn't change the fact that people swim the Cove everyday with seals, sea lions, all sorts of fish, oh and sharks, with out incident.

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