Opinion: ‘Christmas’ in parade title is just plain wrong

By Ellyn Quiggle
La Jolla

How embarrassing it was this morning to see on the first page of the San Diego Union Tribune that La Jolla refuses to change the name of its “Christmas Parade” to “Holiday Parade,” as a good faith gesture to embrace all religions in the celebration of this holiday season.

With the history of anti-semitism La Jolla village has, you would think that La Jolla would jump at the opportunity to make reparations for its lurid past, and show a newfound commitment to political correctness and love for all cultures and religions. How would the “Christians” who stubbornly cling on to their religious title like it if the parade name were changed to “Chanukah Parade”?

I am a Christian who believes that actions speak louder than words. There is no room for anti-semitism or exclusion of any culture from our community. La Jolla continues to thumb its nose at the rest of the world’s attempts to show respect for all cultures and religions, and by retaining the “Christmas Parade” title to what is supposed to a joyous community event for all, is making a statement that it is alright to exclude others this holiday season.

Question is, what would Jesus do? In this day and age, where we need to raise consciousness of our children to reject hatred, and to learn tolerance, it is repugnant.

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5 Comments for “Opinion: ‘Christmas’ in parade title is just plain wrong”

  1. La Jolla Gift Wrappers wrapped all our Christmas Presents. Some of our friends are Jewish and La Jolla Gift Wrappers wrapped those gifts in blue and white, observing Hanukkuh. Our Jewish friends wish us a Merry Christmas, and likewise, we respond with a Happy Hanukkuh. Most of our friends celebrate both anyway. Christmas is a season. Not an antisemitism opportunity. The parade, likewise is not an opportunity to promote Christianity. It is a La Jolla tradition.

    The first Jewish friend who tells me he or she is offended, I will boycott the parade until it changes. Diversity is what makes the US what it is. It makes our country interesting, inviting and approachable. Your "politically correct" at all costs is boring, Ellyn.

  2. mwslj

    This letter is to let the organizers know they are not alone and there is majority support for their selfless and professional activities over generations.

    On Sunday, my pastor gave a well crafted sermon pertaining to the opposition to the Christmas Parade. In the sermon, he indicated that Jesus would have wanted us to not care about the name of the parade but instead focus on kind acts in the name of Christmas. It is hard to challenge such a learned and respected leader and friend.

    After thinking about it for a week, I remorsefully came to the conclusion my pastor did not include all Christian teachings and beliefs in his sermon. Throughout Christian history, the most revered followers of Christ were martyred in his name.

  3. mwslj

    In addition to Christian teachings of love, humility, and generosity it is equally important not to forsake one’s faith in public out of expediency. I am aware of a number of people in this community that participate and support the Christmas Parade but are unwilling to subject themselves and their children to hate mail, threatening phone calls and intimidation perpetrated by the opponents of the parade. Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world. It is common in other parts of the world to be killed or tortured for being Christian. It seems petty to have to fight for the word Christmas. But it is out of remembrance of our savior’s birth and millions who went before that Christmas is celebrated in the form of a parade.

    There are deeply held secular beliefs based on the Constitution of this great country at stake as well. Freedom of association is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The relevant portion states, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging . . . the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” In the case of the Christmas Parade, it is Christians who exercising their right to assemble.

  4. mwslj

    Unlike parades held by other groups, people from all other faiths are welcome at the Christmas Parade to share in the Christmas spirit. It was heartening and uplifting to see Chanukah float this year. In years past, there have been floats from other religions as well. It is therefore, insincere to indicate the Christmas Parade is not inclusive or intolerant of others. Is this reciprocal for Christians in the same circumstances?

    It is an inconsistent position for those who promote “inclusiveness” and “tolerance” on one hand and denounce the Christmas Parade on the other. It is implausible to deny this controversy would exist if another faith or group were exercising their right to assemble. Therefore, if it is important to Christians to celebrate Christmas in public, have the right to do so and welcome all, why is it tolerant and politically incorrect to deride, mock and attack them?

  5. bpcaviava

    As a Jew by choice and a Virginian, Jamestown descendant, I would like to suggest that if those who celebrate Christmas won't call the Chanukah candles " the holiday lights"; I won't call the Christmas parade "the holiday parade." Chanukah ended on December 9th. Many Jews have already observed a fast day and are looking forward to T'u b'Shevat, the festival of trees, in a couple of weeks. I appreciate the sensitivity of those who seek an inclusive culture but let's not assume that anyone feels left out until proven otherwise. This is a humble approach.
    If the pursuit for inclusiveness is economically based, let's talk money. This is a truthful approach.

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